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Submission Series

Secret Submission (Book 1)
Submission Revealed (Book 2)
Services Rendered (Book 3)
(10 years later)

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The Sweet Spot Series

Tied in Knots (Book 1)
Tied to Home (Book 2)
Both books in One!

Slice of Life series

4 Romantic Stories
10 Stories of Many Genre

Jack Kariola's Slaves series

(AKA Mystic Shade's Very Naughty Series)

(Book 1)
(Book 2)
(Book 3)
(Book 4)







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Quick Short Stories

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(Watch for Love in the Afternoon, Sahara Heat, and Writer's Unblocked. These 3 short stories are currently available in the Love Unleashed collection and will be released individually soon)
Diana's Little Book of Poems, released June 28, 2013
Poetry    Read a sample here.

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Diana does more than just write erotic romance. Enjoy this fun collection of poems she's written over the years!


Full list of all available titles 

Title Genre pen name
A Night to Remember short story Diana Hunter
A Devil in Winter^ novella Diana Hunter
Cabin Fever novel Diana Hunter
Diamond Submission novella Diana Hunter
Diamonds in the Snow novella Diana Hunter
Diana's Little Book of Poems poetry Diana Hunter
Frankenstein's Captain+ novella Diana Hunter
Fully Owned novella Mystic Shade
Hardship and Hardtack novel CF Duprey
Her Master's Voice (Book 1) novel Mystic Shade
Her Master's Voice (Book 2) novel Mystic Shade
Hooked novella Diana Hunter
Learning Curve Quickie Diana Hunter
Love in the Afternoon* short story Diana Hunter
Love Unleashed collection  Diana Hunter
New York Moment Quickie Diana Hunter
Over my Enslaved Body novel Mystic Shade
Promise for Now short story Diana Hunter
Remembered Love short story Diana Hunter
Sahara Heat* short story Diana Hunter
Secret Submission plus novel Diana Hunter
Services Rendered novel Diana Hunter
Shooting Star plus novel Diana Hunter
Stitches in Time+ novella Diana Hunter
Submission Revealed novel Diana Hunter
Table for Four novel Diana Hunter
Tales from the Ramayana short stories Diana Hunter
Tied to Home novella Diana Hunter
Tied in Knots novel Diana Hunter
Timeless Love short stories Diana Hunter
Training Two novel Mystic Shade
Traitor Slave novella Mystic Shade
Twelve Days of Christmas^ short stories Diana Hunter
Under His Spell novel Mystic Shade
Winter Break^ short story Diana Hunter
Winter's Tales collection  Diana Hunter
Writers Unblocked* novella Diana Hunter
Yours to Command short story Mystic Shade

* published in the LOVE UNLEASHED collection
^ also published in the WINTER'S TALES collection
+ also published in the SHADOWS OF THE PAST collection