Diamonds in the Snow

Diamonds in the Snow

re-released 2015
erotic romance novella

Sometimes what a damsel in distress needs most is not the White Knight...but the Black.

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Content: Very Warm; M/f, BDSM

Excerpt from Diamonds in the Snow
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

     “How did you get so wet?” The outside magic disappeared from Carolyn's voice, replaced now by concern as she saw Paul shiver in his wet clothes.
     “One of these days I’ll think ahead and put the shovel closer to the door where it might be useful. I had to wade through the snow to the shed in the back to get it out. Got pretty wet in the process, I guess.” He was soaked right through and didn’t want to tell her he’d tripped into the snowbank when wrestling with the door to the old, badly built lean-to that served as a shelter for his outside tools.
     “Take them off. No, take them off right there. No sense in making a path of wet snow from here to wherever.” She deliberately turned her back on him and busied herself with the cups, spooning in several tablespoons of the cocoa mix as he undressed.
     There was a note in her voice that brooked no-nonsense and Paul realized it was her school tone. Deciding to call her bluff, he stripped off his shirt and pants and then his briefs as well. But the air hitting his damp skin was cold and he shivered again.
     “Throw me one of those hand towels, will you?”
     Two kitchen towels hung neatly on a rack to her left. Pulling one down, she held it out behind her.
     “I don’t bite, you know.”
     His voice was almost in her ear. She jumped as he took the towel from her outstretched hand to dry his thighs…and his very cold cock. Grinning, he chose not to move from behind her, instead baiting her by remaining where he was.
     She knew he was there…and that he must be naked. A smile playing on her face, Carolyn considered. It had been a long time since she’d seen a naked man. And the memory of him in the snow, standing like a knight in armor, stirred her deeply and in places that had not been moved in quite a long time. Her head dipped as the smile deepened into a grin and she slowly turned around.
     Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her movement. The golden light of the candles deepened the dimples in her cheeks as her eyes sought his. Briefly tempted to cover himself with the small scrap of cloth, he decided two could bluff. Throwing the towel to the corner, he straightened, completely naked in the center of his kitchen.
      Carolyn’s breath caught as she stared at the knight without his armor, still strong and invincible before her. Strength emanated from his broad chest, the powerful muscles at rest, yet still striking in their potency. No hair marred the perfection of smooth skin that glimmered in the candlelight, the line of his chest leading her eyes down past his narrow waist to his cock that nestled in a tuft of dark hair.


Kay Smith of Just Erotic Romance Reviews: "This story is a good introduction for those curious about BDSM."
Raven from Mon Boudoir Reviews: "I find that Ms Hunter is very skilled at handling BDSM stories, and this one in no exception. Diamond In The Snow is a very arousing read."
Holly Tibbs from Romance Reviews Today: "Torrid yet sweet, Diamond in the Snow is a perfect Valentine’s Day romance."
Tewanda from Fallen Angel Reviews: "Ms. Hunter's use of dialogue and humor will have you hating to see this story end."
Elaine on Goodreads: "The chemistry is smoking hot, and it's fun to watch the two get to know each other. Combine that with some sweet lovemaking and mild BDSM and this is one pleasure to read."

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