Friday, March 08, 2019

What I've been reading...

It will probably surprise no one to discover I spent most of February immured in my chair with the blanket pulled up and the heater on...reading escapist romances. The wind was howling (some small branches down but no major damage), the temperatures in the single digits (Fahrenheit here, so at least they were on the plus side), and the snow came in big flakes that would be perfect for Christmas, except it was February and I'm so over snow...

So, what did I read? Here's the list:

This Matter of Marriage Debbie Macomber romance
Wishes Jude Deveraux romance
Montana Debbie Macomber romance
Ever After Jude Deveraux romance
True Love Jude Deveraux romance
For All Time Jude Deveraux romance
Lavender Morning Jude Deveraux romance
The Librarians & the Pot of Gold Greg Cox fantasy
Devil's Daughter Lisa Kleypas romance
Philomena Martin Sixsmith biography
Heartwishes Jude Deveraux romance
Mystic Warrior Tracy & Laura Hickman fantasy

You'll notice a lot of Jude Devereaux in there - she was one of my mom's favorite authors. Since I'm still working on the books in my mom's TBR pile at the time of her death, most of what I've grabbed and curled up with have been romances. Several of these books all took place in the same town.

You'll note a Librarian's book in there - I LOVED that series. Erudite, funny, well-written - it was a must-see for us every week. It got cancelled this year but I'm still holding out hope there will be a few more movies. The series started as three movies, so it can end that way, too, right? In the meantime, there are books - and I need to find more of them. This one was a Christmas present.

Philomena is also on the list: this has been on my own TBR pile for over a year. I haven't yet seen the movie and didn't realize how serious it was, but am glad I read it. Its going to be a bit before I can see the movie, though. Let me give you a warning: this book deals with some serious issues and will make you very angry. Very. Angry.

The Hickman's have written a LOT of books (the Dragonlance series, for example), and I'd gotten this one several years ago when I asked for books for Christmas. It's the first in a series and after reading it, I'm not interested in reading the rest. 

Yes, I've also been writing - and scrapbooking and doing family tree stuff. I'm not teaching this semester (one class cancelled due to low enrollment and one taken away and given to a full-timer who didn't have a full load due to a cancellation. Sucks to be low man on the totem pole). Not teaching has given me a taste of what true retirement will look like. I have to ain't a bad place to be!

Read on and play safe!

Friday, March 01, 2019

CABIN FEVER is back!

After a nearly four-year hiatus, Cabin Fever is once again available in both ebook and print formats. It's now available on both Smashwords and Amazon - so pick up this long-lost treasure today!

What's it about? 

Isabel knew she was in trouble. Did all men take one look at her well-endowed breasts and think sex? No way was she going to make out in a tiny MG on some God-forsaken mountain with a date she never wanted to see again.

Daniel needed to forget a case gone bad and a relationship gone sour. Taking a leave of absence, he heads for a mountain retreat to deal with the guilt. The last thing he wants is company.

Forced together by a winter storm, neither gets what they want…but both get something better.

Click on the picture for a short excerpt and purchasing information or go directly to Smashwords or Amazon and download your copy now. Want the book in print? You can get that, too!

Want more Diana Hunter books? Check out this page and find all her books. 

Play safe!

P.S. Watch this space for the next re-release, Services Rendered, coming at the end of March!