Tied to Home - Tied in Knots

Tied to Home - Tied in Knots
released August 30, 2016

What's better than a romantic story set in a seaside town? TWO stories set in a romantic seaside town!

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NOTE: This book is part of The Sweet Spot Series presented by The Sizzling Scribes

Content: Quite warm, M/f,  BDSM

Several years after publishing Tied to Home, I realized Wiste’s best friend got short shrift in the novella. To make it up to her, Emily now has her own novel, Tied in Knots. The stories can be read independently of each other, although the order in which they appear in this volume is chronologically correct.

Port Clef was created by the authors of The Sizzling Scribes; several of us have written books set in this fictional town. It is a place that fascinates me, populated at it is with such wonderful characters. A list of all books in this series is located at the end of Tied in Knots. It is our hope you enjoy the people of Port Clef as much as we do.

Play safe!


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