Friday, May 10, 2019

Time flies!

Lilacs out my window, 2018
Wow, we're a third of the way through May already! It is my favorite time of year and lately I've decided May is my favorite month - mostly because of the flowers. From the crocus that announce spring commences through the tulips with their rainbow of colors to the lilacs that are already blossoming in Highland Park (mine aren't yet, but will be soon - the picture is from this time last year), the earth brightens and the world is renewed. And did I mention the bright green of new grass? Definitely my favorite time of year.

April, however, is a bit gloomy and unpredictable here in the Finger Lakes. We've had everything from snow and ice to rain to sun - all to prepare us for May, but gloomy nonetheless. Which is why I spent most of April indoors, reading and writing.

To that end, below is my April reading list. It's still extensive, although May's will be considerably shorter as I've already spent much of it outdoors. In fact, my hubby tried to call me on both the house phone and my cell phone yesterday to tell me he was bringing wings home for lunch, as I found out when he got home with the wings. He asked me why I didn't answer either phone and I told him, "I was outside, first hanging the laundry, then scraping the balcony (which is a sorry state and truly needs some TLC), then sweeping the walk, then daydreaming about the containers I would plant next week." He asked why I didn't take my cell phone with me and I said, "Because I was enjoying the outside!" Who needs to be disturbed by a phone when I was listening to the birds?

Here's my April list, a little late:

Star Trek: Vulcan's Forge Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz science fiction
Star Trek: Shadows of the Sun Michael Jan Friedman Science fiction
Star Trek: The Three-Minute Universe Barbara Paul Science fiction
Warrior's Bride Gerri Russell romance
Border Lord Haywood Smith romance
A Play of Dux Moraud Margaret Frazer mystery
Angel Mine Sherryl Woods romance
Gentle Warrior Julie Garwood romance
The Gift Julie Garwood romance
A Play of Knaves Margaret Frazer mystery
A Play of Lords Margaret Frazer mystery
A Play of Treachery Margaret Frazer mystery
Guys and Dolls Damon Runyon fiction

I have a lot of Star Trek books I've collected over the years and am working my way through them. Most of them can be read in a day, although that in no way detracts from their enjoyment. Same with the romances. The Margaret Frazer books are absolutely delightful and the Damon Runyon book is just plain fun. To be honest, though, I'm not finished with it. May happened, so you'll see it again on my May list.

Go outside and enjoy the newness!

Play safe,