Thursday, December 28, 2006

Something old...something new...and Second Life!

The old first...which isn't so very old...I have been working on a sequel to Secret Submission. When I first concieved the novel, I had a much larger story in mind. One that went all the way to Sarah and Phillip's wedding. I pitched it to Ellora's Cave as a two-novel set, but since I was an untried (an as yet, un-pubbed) author, they would only buy the first book, since it was finished and the second part existed only in my mind. Wise choice on their part.

Over the past few years, I set the story of Sarah and Phillip aside as I worked on other projects. But every time I opened the story starts folder I have tucked away on my computer...the file of bits and pieces would stare at me...accusing me of abandoning them. This past fall, I gave into the guilt and pulled the pieces out.

Tentatively titled, Submission Revealed, the story has flowed quickly. There is but one scene left to finish (and it's a doozy of a sex scene!) and I can send it in to my editor. I have hopes to have it done by the first of the year which, by the calendar on the wall beside me, says I'd better get to it! I wrote 3000 words in the last two days...another 3000 or so ought to finish everything off.

Something new...I have my first Exotica novel debuting in January! Mostly, as you know, I write erotic romances. A New York Moment is my first that is more erotic and less romantic...although there is a romantic element to it. It's a Quickie...just a short story, as befits the title!

and Second Life.

When I originally started in Second Life, it was to explore the online possibilities of a place for my readers to visit with me. I'd heard of the colleges that were conducting online classes and the big businesses that were getting into the SL market for their products (like Toyota and Ford!). I figured there had to be a place for an erotic romance author with a small following to find a pleasant place to chat with one another in a real-time environment much more pleasant than an online chat room.

With that vision in mind, I started my Second Life exploration. What I discovered along the way were casinos galore and entrepreneurs every other person...places of education and BDSM clubs as well. I also discovered a sim full of friends and soon-to-be neighbors. While I currently have a few places open where people can download excerpts from my books, by the end of January I hope to have that place I originally envisioned...a permanant spot with lots of comfy couches where readers can come to download excerpts and talk about books, erotica, and life in general. The spot is already reserved...the building has begun! Soon, you will be able to sit and chat with Diana Hunter (as Diana Allandale, my SL avatar) in a marvelous new way!

Till then,
play safe!