Saturday, March 29, 2008 the world is divided into three sets of people: those who don't know what a blog is, those who keep a blog, and those who comment on blogs. It's taken me a while to realize it, but I belong in the third category.

It's not that I can't pontificate...heck, I do that all the time! Nor is it that I can't write (I let my books speak for themselves on this one), or that I don't have the time (although that is at a premium lately). I'm afraid it really has to do with the fact that I'm just a better kibbitz-er than I am a generator.

So if you're a reader of this sometime-blog, know that I comment like heck all over the blogosphere. I DO have opinions...lots of them. They're just spread hither and yon like so many seeds scattered across a meadow. And know that, although I rarely post here, my thoughts can be found in many places. :)

All that said, there are some important dates coming up. Besides my regular schedule of in-world readings in Second Life (btw, I'm WAY over my shyness at saying particular words...and my audience doesn't seem to mind them at all!) and workshops (just finished a 12-week set of discussions and creative writing exercises and am on hiatus for April), I will actually make an honest-to-goodness, real life, live appearance at the Romantic Times Convention in Pittsburg, PA this month! I'm arriving Wednesday afternoon and will be there all week, including the Saturday booksigning extravaganza :).

While I'm there, Jennifer Dunn and I will be presenting Second Life to the uninitiated and showing other authors how it can be used for promotion. Looks to be a lot of fun :).

So I'll see you 'round the blogosphere...and play safe!