Friday, May 27, 2011

I know, two posts in one week. Try not to faint :). But it seems things are happening all at once, so read on!

First up, if you are getting emails from that are trying to sell you penis enlargers or trips to Cancun, that are touting the health benefits of ginkgo or trying to set you up with a lovely woman from Russia...they are not from me. My email's been hacked and I'm in the process of setting up a new one and moving all my honest mail to the new address. The old email will be active for another few weeks while I sort things out. I apologize for the inconvenience and the spam in the meantime. :(

On the upside, yesterday I was named one of the first Book Island Laureates! Many of you know I've been active in Second Life since October 2006, giving live readings from my works, offering writing workshops, and managing several shops that promote my writings. Book Island is a spot that is home to many writers and over the years has hosted the first SL Book Fairs (modeled after the BEA just finishing in NYC), provided critique sessions, writing workshops, book talks and more. I've had a shop there since the start (with only a brief hiatus when funds ran short. Darn economy!) and have made many friends. I am humbled and honored to be named one of the first two laureates. I haven't stopped grinning for the past twenty-four hours!

Another piece of good news: I've been interviewed by Fallen Angels Review site...they're such a fun group of people there! A special thanks to Tammy who gave me some very cool questions to ponder. You can read more about Tales from the Ramayana and Love in the Afternoon well as find out where I'd go to write my next novel if money was no barrier.

And lastly, I'm awaiting the latest edits for Services Rendered, my next full-length novel for Ellora's Cave. I've seen the cover and let me tell fits the book perfectly. In fact, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite-ist covers of all! Just wait till you see it :).

Play safe everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I've been so busy writing these past few weeks I have hardly had time to read more than headlines at all my favorite blogs, our local daily newspaper, and one book, Kreskin Confidential by the one, and only, Amazing Kreskin. I had the opportunity at BEA last year to meet him (he signed his book for me!) and found him to be an utterly charming man. No, I didn't ask him to read my mind. I was having too much fun watching him clown around with some of the others. A delightful chance that I happened to be passing his booth and saw him sitting there, chatting with several fans. He reminded me of a grandfather holding court, entertaining an entire neighborhood of children with his tales.

His book is a quick read, telling stories of some of the people he's met along the way. While not everyone is referred to by name, anyone who grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's will know exactly who he's talking about (c'mon, Baby Boomers, you know who you are!). A fun way to spend the afternoon.

And of course, reading his stories got me to thinking about my own experiences with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). My mom enjoyed board games (still does) and we played often when I was a kid. Of course, my brother and I would always argue about who got to go first, so she'd hide one of the markers behind her back and ask us to guess which color. Or she'd think of a number and we had to guess it. I almost always got to go first because I usually knew which hand, which color, which number.

Only later, once I was married and pregnant with my first child, did she confess to "sending" out the answers to both my brother and I. He rarely picked up the thoughts she sent, I often did. We also had a deck of cards with black and white shapes and she and I would play where I would "send" her the figure on the card and she'd try to draw it and vice-versa. For the record, I'm a terrible sender. I didn't do half-bad, though, when she pictured the image and I drew it.

As you can tell, I do believe the mind has possibilities we're just beginning to understand. Do I believe in mind control? No. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but there's a world of bad guys out there. If mind control actually existed, what hope would the world have? We'd all be zombies doing the bidding of the most powerful bad guy. Do I believe in the power of suggestion? Oh, yeah! Madison Avenue advertising and politicians would be lost without it!

So anyway, that was my reading this weekend - Thank you, Mr. Kreskin, for a wonderful story to read and a fun trip down memory lane!

Play safe,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good news! SERVICES RENDERED has been accepted by my editor (the wonderful Pamela Campbell. We've worked together for the past eight years and she is wonderful!). I was a little worried since this is a hero with a huge sense of right and wrong. John McAllen would like nothing more than to tie Lauren Carr to his bed and make love to her all night long. But he won't until she's ready. Let's just say that, when he finally achieves his goal...the wait is worth it!

What? You want a taste of this novel I've been working on for over a year? A snippet? An excerpt to whet your appetite? Oh, talked me into it. Read on!

The vendor came with their ice cream cones and Lauren took a good, long lick, letting the mint settle deep inside her. A slow smile spread across her face. “Is there anything better for the soul than mint chocolate chip?” she commented.
“I can think of a few things,” John answered her, taking a long lick of ice cream, twisting the cone around in his fingers. Yet his eyes never left hers, reading her body language far more easily than she read his. He had to. Lauren knew she was no good at hiding her emotions after the crisis had passed. Right now she felt safe, secure…and sexy in his eyes. She lifted her chin and took him up on his offer.
“Oh, really? Name one.”
“Tying a woman down and making love to her all night long.”
Lauren choked on her ice cream. Of all the answers she’d been expecting from years of bad pickup lines, John’s answer came out of the blue and smacked her right in the pussy. She felt herself grow warm all over despite the ice cream she tried desperately to swallow.
And it didn’t help to have him stand there, looking nonchalant, gallantly offering her a paper napkin as if they were discussing the weather. Her eyes watering from swallowing too much ice cream too quickly, she tried to look up at him, but the sun was behind him.
“No fair. Can’t see you,” she muttered and pushed him to her other side so she could give him the glare he deserved.
Except he took one look at her and laughed out loud. A good, hearty, infectious chuckle. When her glare turned to puzzlement, he reached over with his own napkin and wiped the green ice cream off the tip of her nose. She rolled her eyes and relented.
“Okay, so your answer wasn’t quite what I expected…” she started.
“But you’re intrigued enough that you’ll go out to dinner with me tomorrow night,” he finished.
Lauren opened her mouth to demure, but Beth’s voice superimposed itself over hers. “Of course she is, and she’d love to. What time?”
“Beth, I can arrange my own calendar…”
“Seven o’clock.” John spoke directly to Beth. The conversation continued as if she wasn’t there.
“Here’s her address. I took the liberty of writing it down for you.”
“That was kind of you, ma’am. I appreciate it.”
“Casual dress? Or something a little fancier?”
John paused and gave Lauren a once-over. She took the opportunity to interject her own thoughts on the matter. “I’m right here you know. You can talk to me and…”
“A little fancier.”
“Perfect. I know just the outfit she should wear. It was nice meeting you, John.”
“Nice to meet you too, Beth.” He shook the hand Beth offered and once again tousled Ian’s hair. “And you too, young man. You make sure these ladies get home safe now, you hear?”
“Yes, sir!” Ian snapped a salute and Lauren couldn’t help smiling. His arm was all akimbo and his fingers at the wrong angle, but his posture was straight and his grin infectious.
“Dismissed, soldier!”
“Come on, Aunt Lauren. Beth says its time to go home.” He took her hand and pulled her toward the exit.
“Just a minute, Ian…” She turned to talk to John, but he’d already moved away. Instead, she took her frustration out on her best friend. “Beth, how could you? We don’t know anything about him.”
“And if we did things your way, it would stay that way.” Beth pushed the stroller over the uneven ground, making her way toward the sidewalk that led to the parking lot.
Lauren shook her head. “I know, Beth. I know. I just need more time, that’s all.”
“Time and a date with Big John.”
“Beth!” Lauren pretended shock and playfully hit her friend on the arm.
“Well, you do.” Beth dropped her voice. “And if you’re smart, you’ll let him get lucky on the first date and ride him all the way to mindless fucking!”

There you go...your first glimpse into SERVICES RENDERED. I don't yet have a release date (heck, I'm still in edits with this puppy!) but faithful readers know to watch this blog. You'll be the first I'll tell!

Play safe!

Sunday, May 01, 2011