Love Unleashed

Love Unleashed
released June 2017
erotic romance collection

Three stories with a BDSM kink!

Love in the Afternoon - one heck of a hot afternoon!

Writer's Unblocked - oh, the bliss a simple computer mistake can unveil...

Sahara Heat - All it takes is a simple slip of the tongue and a secret is revealed that both can't wait to explore.

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Content: Hot, M/f, strong BDSM, strong D/s

Excerpt from Love in the Afternoon
by Diana Hunter 
All Rights Reserved

He stood in the door, fresh from his own hour of silence. Her body knelt in the center of the rug in the center of room, already the center of his attention. Her head had come up when she heard his step, yet she remained relaxed and ready, her soul open. She’d learned well the techniques he’d taught her. Only through meditation could one control the passions, only through finding peace could one move toward true consciousness. It had given him great pleasure to know, as he knelt in the room beside this one, that she had come so far under his tutelage.
She had taught him as well. Whether it was her earnestness, her passion for living or her willingness to learn, he had learned that their souls could reach heights far higher if they went together than if they were apart. Only recently had he realized this was the very definition of the new-age term “soul mates.” She was his. But he also belonged to her.
His eyes looked to a different photo, this one on the wall opposite the kneeling submissive. It showed a man and woman, the woman in a similar kneeling position as to the photo opposite. The man stood over her, not in a position of power, but in one of protection. He would give his life defending the woman who gave her soul to him.
Stepping forward, he placed his hand on the top of her head, hearing her contented sigh.
“You are ready?” His words, spoken softly, fell into the silence of the room like soft music to her soul.
“I am.”
They needed no titles, no terms for each other. Such endearments had their place early on, when they were young and still understanding themselves and how their lives fit together. But those roles were settled now and with the passage of time came commitment and love.
Gracefully she unfolded and stood before him, her long, dark hair unbound and spilling over her shoulders in straight brown blades of beauty. No clothing hid her body, no blemish marked her perfectly cream skin, no tan lines marred the surface. Ageless and beautiful, she faced him in quiet submission, her brown eyes reflecting the calm she’d found in her soul.
A calm he intended to interrupt very soon.
He didn’t need to give a command to make her follow, he simply held out his hand and waited as she placed her own within. Such trust deserved the very best he could give her. Turning, he led her to the bedroom he’d prepared for them.

Excerpt from Writers Unblocked
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

     Affecting an air of nonchalance, Jack sauntered out into the living room where his wife was busy tidying up. Saturdays were housework days, and she had changed her weekday suit for jeans and a simple oxford shirt. All business, Jessica’s hair was pulled back, the red scrunchie a mismatch for her maroon button-down shirt rescued from the back of Jack’s closet. The oversized shirt gaped when she leaned over the low coffee table and Jack grinned when he caught an innocent glimpse of her white breasts hanging free from any confining bra. It was a sight he could look at all day.
     Jess recognized that look in his eye right away. Putting her hands low on her hips, she swayed them seductively. “Hey there, big boy…wanna have some fun?”
     Jack’s delighted laugh pealed through the room. How could he ever think such a little minx might give into the same dark fantasies that fueled his own soul?
     His grab for her was rougher than he intended. With a small cry, she fell against him and in one of those split second decisions, he decided he would not apologize. Instead, he seized the moment, pressing his lips against her in a hard, passionate, possessive kiss.

Excerpt from Sahara Heat
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

     Carla took a deep breath, calming the sudden butterflies in her stomach. Giving him a long look, she took the plunge. “Perfect. I’m ready when you are.”
     He tilted her head up, his fingers strong on her chin. “We’ve never even kissed, Ms. Braun.”
     Her breath caught as his lips touched hers. A gentle kiss that deepened as his arms tightened around her waist to pull her closer. She raised her hands, sliding them along the crispness of his shirt, feeling the strength of the muscles underneath. Around them, horns honked, engines roared and people crowded. Carla felt nothing but his incredible presence encircling her, overwhelming her, protecting her.
     And when his tongue pressed against her lips, demanding entrance, she opened for him, letting him possess her mouth, enjoying the incredible confidence and domination of his will. His arms tightened further and she eagerly returned his kiss, letting him know she wanted this.
     “Get a room!”
     They parted, Carla blushing furiously, Josef only grinning. The speaker was already gone but the sentiment hung between them.
     Josef took her hand and bent to whisper in her ear.
     “Come, little one.”
     The words sent a shiver down her spine.

     Putting her hand in his, Carla followed him into the building.


Love in the Afternoon

"No names were given in the story but you really didn't notice because the story was so intense and the sexual satisfaction was present in every line."
-Wendy, HEA Reviews

Writers Unblocked

"Whew hoo, two steamy romance authors under one roof. If a laptop could sizzle, I know mine was."
- Sizzling Romance Reviews

"I love the fact that the couple has been married a while and this is the perfect way to put the spark back in their marriage..."
-Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

Sahara Heat

"Diana Hunter shows how utterly respectful and caring a Dom/submissive relationship can be with her tender portrayal of Josef and Carla."
-Tori Macallister

"A little ode to 'best friends know best.'"

- Night Owl Reviews

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