Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well, as you can see, I've been very lackadaisical in posting to this thing. The latest idea was a bit of a bust, although I thank those who did participate. I suppose I should just up and admit, I'm a better fiction writer than blogger, period.

That said, it's been an interesting several months! I've done live readings in Second Life...yes, readings of my very own work. It was hard at first...I was terribly nervous and I self-edited some of the more specific words out of my readings. The second reading I suddenly came across the word "pussy" that I had missed in my editing and hesitated before saying it. But the audience egged me on and I haven't looked back since. I think, though, it cost me some listeners.

In fact, while I had a segment that wanted to hear the hotter stuff, the majority (I think) didn't want it so explicit. It was really hard to tell. I started with audiences/listeners of 15-17 people...and by the end of a six weeks had only 2 or 3. Time to face facts...either they didn't like my voice, didn't like the selections, didn't like me....I had to do some pretty dark soul-searching because the reality was that, whatever I was doing, it wasn't working.

So I took a hiatus, ostensibly to write more (which I have done), but it reality, it was to nurse a wounded ego. I really don't have a big one. No, really...I don't! lol But to go from a small audience to a tiny one would make anyone stop and think. During this time (most of May), I curtailed my SL time somewhat...touched base with the Real World and started a new project (see, you can't keep me down for long!).

Working with Selina Greene of Book Island, I proposed 4 writing workshops. I thought to use my stream and do a combination of streaming and chat in order to present. The delay makes it...interesting! I'm either ahead of the conversation by a full minute...or behind it! But the attendance has been steady in the 20-25 people range--a perfect number for a workshop. Small enough that everyone who wants to participate in the chat can...and yet large enough to make Book Island want more.

So yes, I added two more workshops to the line up and probably would go on with more, but I'm going on holiday (yes, I'm from the States, so I should say 'on vacation' but I really like the British choice of words better!) and I won't be in-world for three weeks. I hope they don't forget me!

I'll be adding more workshops when I come back as well as restarting this set from the beginning for those who missed a workshop or two. I'm having fun...and even when the stream breaks down or SL decides not to cooperate, I'm finding the people of SL are just fun to be with and are very understanding that technology always comes with issues.

If you're still reading this...I have a few thank yous to give: to Secundo Dharma who has been a big supporter and who interviewed me for SLCN; to Selina Greene of Book Island who is graciously hosting these writing workshops, and to Ronin Kirosawa of Booksquare who is helping the publishing world see there are alternate avenues to getting your work out for public consumption (sorry, Selina...can't find the link for the Book Island website!).

I'll try to be better in posting to the blog!