Promise for Now

Promise for Now

re-released October 2016
(originally released April 2008)

erotic romance short story

Isn't it wonderful when a neighbor turns out to have a wonderful surprise in his basement?

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This title is out of print but older copies may still be found (although they're rare!) Also contains Love in the Afternoon and Hooked.

Content: Spicy, M/f, strong BDSM

Excerpt from Promise for Now
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

     Brian had lost count of the number of times he’d masturbated to the thought of Carol bent over, her ass reddened from his hand. The thought of her submitting to his will, of her begging him for her pleasure, begging for him to give her the release she craved, had been fodder for many a late-night session. And here she was, bent over his couch, doing exactly that. Not only was she not afraid of him, she welcomed and wanted the physical power that he expressed only in sex. He grabbed a fistful of her dark hair and pulled her upright again, determined to show her the most sinister parts of his desires. Although he’d been her confidant for all this time, he had no clue how she’d take what he could dish out. How far would she go?
     He turned her to face him and the look she gave him was full of trust and desire and longing. Again the anger swelled in him that Michael hadn’t seen the treasure in his own bed. This was a woman who longed to be fucked and fucked often…something he intended to do very soon to her. He fisted her hair at the nape of her neck.
     “You like this don’t you.” It wasn’t a question and he didn’t wait for an answer. “You like it rough.”
     She nodded against his hand, a small whimper coming from the back of her throat as she leaned on him for support. He deliberately kept her off balance, forcing her mind to constantly adapt to the changes he threw at her. God, she was beautiful!
     Brian propelled her toward his basement door, pausing to release her while still in the kitchen and changing tactics, taking her more gently into his arms as he explained his expectations. This way, she’d never be able to say she hadn’t been warned.
     “I will give you several opportunities to refuse me, Carol. This is one of them. Never doubt that I want you…that I’ve wanted you for a very long time. You’ve read my books so you know what’s down in that basement.” He grinned. “Maybe not as lavishly furnished as the dungeons in my novels but…” He shrugged and left the end of the sentence hanging.
     “If you walk down those steps, I expect you to give me control over your body and mind. All the responsibilities get handed over to me. You give up everything. You walk down those stairs and I am in charge.”
     A slow smile spread over Carol’s face. She leaned her head against Brian’s shoulder almost as if she were drinking in his strength. For several heartbeats, she basked in the comfort of his arms before stepping back and looking at him with calm acceptance. “I’m ready.”
     He gestured to the steps and Carol calmly walked to them and descended.


M. Nix on Amazon: " Promise for Now is a hot, sexy BDSM interlude with bondage, spanking, and plenty of gratification for both Carol and Brian."

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