Friday, December 24, 2004

Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays...may this wonderful season be filled with the light of celebration and peace. The best to all of you in the New Year!

Play safe,

Monday, December 06, 2004

I'd like to welcome Angelica Church to the fold! She's going to be taking over the promotions end of my writing career. One of the pieces I found most difficult to handle has been the amount of time needed to properly promote my books. If I want fans, I need to promote. And once I have fans, they want me to write. But if I spend the time writing, I'm not promoting new books and if I'm promoting new books, I'm not writing them!

Quite the conundrum. And one easily solved by giving the promotions piece to someone else.

Angelica has worked promotions in the past when she managed a franchise of a national chain of restaurants. She left that field to work in education, but with her daughter off to college in another year, she was looking for a new avenue to learn. I'm thrilled she's agreed to help out!

So, that means more time for me to spend writing stories for fans (and for myself, but that's another entry for another day).

Take care and play safe,