Wednesday, June 28, 2023

 I haven't posted anything since January, mostly because I've been busy with projects other than writing. I've started a business making and selling junk journals, my daughter just got married -- which is a story in and of itself -- and I've been learning to relax and enjoy just being. Of those three, I'm pretty sure my daughter comes first and the other two vie for second place.

Am I still writing? Yes. And no. I am no longer writing erotic romance. I AM still writing an epic fantasy, although that also has taken a back seat (or 4th place) these past few months. Why? I'm stuck. I know what needs to happen, but can't seem to figure out how to write it. Been struggling with it for weeks now and finally decided to walk away from it for a bit and come back to it fresh in July. Hopefully, the time away will help?

One of my new ventures regards craft festivals. I did the Celebrate/Commemorate Festival in Waterloo, NY at the end of May and, while I wouldn't call it a rousing success, there was enough interest that I'm doing two more -- one in July and one in August. I'm selling my journals as well as my books, so we'll see. I only took Hardship and Hardtack to Waterloo and it sold well, so I'm hopeful for the remaining two festivals for this summer. Depending on how they go, I'll make decisions about next year. If I decide to keep it up, I'll let you all know.

And yes, I'll be better about getting blog posts up. Really, I walked away from everything these past six months -- and I needed to. I needed time to reset, to relax, to, as I said at the start, learn to enjoy just existing. That last is actually harder than it sounds, but living in the present is my goal and I'm getting better at it. Only took me sixty-six years! :)

Play safe, and take deep breaths, Diana

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