Sunday, March 04, 2007

With AS the SL WORLD TURNS off to a good start, I've turned my attention in Second Life to doing readings of my works. Taking a lesson from the musicians, I have done three readings so in my home shop (Passionate Books) and two on the island of Hukilau, where I was asked to come and read! Two other sims have contacted me about doing a reading in their venues and I'm setting up a weekly reading at Passionate Books.

I have to say that this blows my mind a bit. I've never even done a reading of my works in RL! The response has been positive (although the lag between the time I make a joke and the time I get a response from the crowd does drive me crazy a bit. Ahh..the technology of broadcasting!). I do worry people will get bored, though, so I hope they'll tell me if a piece is too long...or too hot!

Wednesdays, Passionate Books, 5 PM least, every Wednesday in March to see how it goes. I have already begun to line up some guest authors in the erotic romance genre. The format of the hour is still a work-in-progress. At the moment, three readings with time in between for questions and/or stories (if no one asks questions) seems to work.

Still hoping for people to begin using this blog as an outlet for their Second Life stories!