Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If the price of the IRISH ENCHANTMENT anthology put you off getting your hands on a copy of this novella, now you can buy it all by itself. That's right, STITCHES IN TIME , featuring Seamus O'Brien, my very favorite character of all (shhh...don't tell the others!) is now available as a solo download from Ellora's Cave. And whoooeee! Wait till you get a look at this cover! I'm pretty sure you don't need much imagination to figure out what those two are up to!

I'm including a short excerpt below, but there is another on my website (look under IRISH ENCHANTMENT till I get the pages updated!) plus reviews of the story's original release here . So, with no further ado, from STITCHES IN TIME:

Liam didn’t answer, since Maggie opened the door at that precise moment. His reaction was immediate. Dressed in lacy, navy blue baby doll lingerie, Maggie’s shapely body was revealed in all her glory. Liam’s eye traveled from the graceful curve of her neck over her alabaster shoulders to two beautifully shaped breasts just hidden by the dark, silky material. In the coolness of the room, little buds blossomed at the tips and Liam’s cock stirred. His eyes continued downward toward her narrow waist and well-formed thighs—and that was as far as he got.

Blushing to the roots of her hair, Maggie rushed across the room and scrambled into the bed, pulling the blankets up to cover herself. She had paced for several minutes in the bathroom, trying to gather the nerve to make the dash. Now she glared at him from the safety of the bed. “Believe me, Mr. Finnerty, had I known I would be sharing a room with you, I would have packed differently.”

He grinned and the devil was in his eyes. “No doubt you would have, Ms. Andrews, no doubt you would have. But now I have visual proof that there’s a passionate heart that beats behind those tailored suits.” His grin grew wider. “I, however, do not have to worry about what to wear to bed…” Liam stripped off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. His naked chest glimmered just as Maggie always thought it would; a gorgeous, muscular torso faintly covered with soft dark hair that glimmered in the soft light of the hotel room. Her sudden intake of breath was audible in the quiet room.

To cover her reaction, Maggie feigned shock. “Well, you’re not sleeping in the nude tonight! I’m tempted to make you sleep in the tub.” She had been, too, but had discarded the idea as childish and immature. They were two grown adults stuck in an uncomfortable situation, and she didn’t need to get all melodramatic about it. But she had known she wouldn’t make it to the bed without some comment from him about her sleepwear. What she hadn’t been ready for was his complete appreciation for her appearance. Despite her intent to keep her distance from him, his obvious enjoyment of her teddy gave her a very warm feeling inside. A feeling that resided way too low for her own comfort.

Mmmmm...how's that for a teaser? And Seamus isn't even in that little piece! You'll have to read the except on my website for his introduction. :)

I'll have an update with the doings and goings on for August in a few days. Till then, check out STITCHES IN TIME and play safe!

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