Thursday, July 23, 2015

Over at the Decadent Divas today

Check it out for a light-hearted look at A Day in the Life of a Romance Author. Thanks to Cait Miller for asking me to be their guest. :)

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mystic Shade is at it again!

Two weeks ago, I started writing a new Mystic Shade novel, tentative title HER MASTER'S VOICE. If the RCA/Victor dog wasn't copyrighted, I'd put it on the cover. Usually, it takes me a couple of months to write the first draft of any book, no matter what genre. I'm a pantser, so I often don't write in order. I write as the story comes to me, stopping and going back to add or skipping forward and writing a scene I want to have happen, then writing a bridge between the current manuscript and the new piece.

This story, however, just kept coming. I've been writing an average of 3600 words a day, every day for the past 16 days for a total just over 61,000 words. I've decided it isn't one novel, it's two. Normally I'd stop, go back and edit the first novel, then complete the second. But the story's flowing and I don't want to stop it. So the creative process adopts and changes to fit the story. Who knew?

Just wanted you all to know why I haven't posted here in two weeks. :)

My husband and I are going back to Lancaster, PA for a few days and my goal is to have the second book nearly finished by then. My energies at the B&B will then be toward editing the first book with the goal of publishing it by early August. Yes, I did play around and have a cover already! No dog. :(

Yesterday was the seven-week mark for my broken leg. Doc says I can drive again-- Yay! We're in a transitional period - I wear the cast when I think I need to. At this point it seems to be for a few hours every other day. Overdid yesterday (of course), so cast on this morning.

Take care to write!

Play safe,