Table for Four

Table for Four
 re-released August 2011.
Erotic romance

Two husbands, two wives, none of them satisfied in the bedroom. The solution is obvious...

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Table for Four - Diana Hunter

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Content: Spicy, M/f, spouse-swapping, BDSM

Excerpt from Table for Four
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

     The moon rose over the trees, its light spilling onto the tiny deck, illuminating the dark pools of Richard’s eyes. Mystery surrounded him. His trimmed black mustache and goatee gave him the look of the devil himself. The thought of being tied and at the mercy of such a rogue aroused her and made her juices flow, soaking her panties. She waited for his explanation even as her head swam with the realization that she did want this man to dominate her, and she wanted it badly.
     “You do have both at the same time.” Quiet in the moonlight, his voice was seductive in its power. “You give up the power, but can take it back with only a single word. I cannot go further than you allow. You hold the power to determine what I can—and cannot—do to you.”
      Apparently without purpose, Richard’s fingers skimmed over Lissa’s bare arm, idly tracing a figure on her skin. His touch raised goosebumps in the night air, setting her body tingling with anticipation. She swayed as he came nearer, raising her face to him, desiring his kiss.
      And when his lips closed over hers, she tasted the sweet wine they shared, and inhaled the scent of him deep into her soul. His arms encircled her, embracing all that she was. Of their own volition, her arms came up to hold his broad shoulders. This kiss deepened and her fingers dug into the hard muscles hidden under the black linen shirt. And when Richard’s tongue brushed lightly against her lips, she opened her mouth, letting him possess her in a way she had never been possessed before.


Jane at Amazon: "I was panting, grinning and chuckling because I was so affected."
Suzie Housley at Romantic Times Magazine: "Table for Four is not for the faint of heart."
Susan Holly at Just Erotic Romance Reviews: "with twist and turns that will titillate, capture your attention and hold it till the end."

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