Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Still Here. Honest!

 So much for being better about blogging!

It's been an interesting four months since my last post. I've made several handmade journals, lots of videos (if you haven't checked out my channel yet, you should!), and now have a new knee. Well, a partial one, anyway.

Yes, my right knee has been giving me grief for a while and an arthroscopy to get rid of the arthritic build-up and repair a small tear in the meniscus only showed I was bone-on-bone and the next step would be a partial knee replacement. My left knee already had a replacement and I'd been hoping the right one would last longer, but, after all those years of skating with clamp-on key skates, of being a rambunctious tomboy, of running around the neighborhood like a hooligan, it was time to pay the piper. I don't remember a summer when I didn't have skinned knees. Now I have scarred ones. 

And I'm fine with that. Modern medicine is wonderful. The advances have progressed to the point where a five-hour stint out of my day results in a new knee that, after a few weeks (and several physical therapy sessions), I'm back to doing pretty much everything I could do before. A few weeks from now and I'll have trouble remembering I even had surgery. Paying the piper is hard, but worth it.

I'm fully retired from any outside job now, and that gives me a luxury I have never had before: Time. As in I can order it how I like, spend it on anything I want, do what I need to do when I need to do it without having to work around a job's demands. I love it. I appreciate it. I cherish it.

Probably more so because I've gotten older and realized I'm on the other side of middle age. If I've already passed the middle, I have fewer years ahead than I do behind, right? So spending them wisely has become more important. 

Although, admittedly, "wisely" is a relative term. Sometimes that means going places, seeing people, being social. Other times it means nothing more than sitting in my chair with my feet up and a good book on my lap. What is the purpose of life? I think that's a post for another day. :)

In the meantime, play safe!