Tuesday, June 28, 2005

With summer officially here (school's out!), I've spent the past several days getting to all the cleaning I don't get to otherwise. Amazing how much dust can accumulate behind things. Now I know why my grandmother insisted on moving all the furniture when she did spring cleaning!

I've also begun work on a short to submit for EC's Tales from the O-asis...next year's Cavemen series. Only about a third of the way through...will see if it comes to anything. Right now the hero and heroine are having an interesting conversation and feeling each other out, so to speak .

Other than that, I'm just getting my house in order!

Play safe,

Friday, June 24, 2005

Busy week! Just finished my first edits for CABIN FEVER...yes, I took a long time doing them. LOL If you read my last entry, you'll know what else I've been working on! But it's in to my editor now and soon she'll send it back for another go-round (and hopefully the last!).

HOOKED comes out this coming Tuesday or Wednesday, so I've started a contest for that. It's going well...lots of new people entering I haven't met before, and that's always cool. I love chatting with fans that have been around a while, too. Although I know everyone by their email addy rather than their name!

Now to get to work on the next novel...

Play safe!

Friday, June 17, 2005

IRISH ENCHANTMENT is now available in paperback! Hooray! I have often said, "Stitches in Time," the piece I have in that anthology, is my favorite of all my stories. Just a bit of fun...

June is a busy month as the school year ends for my two children...last concerts, recitals, dance performances...and so I'm a bit behind on my edits for CABIN FEVER. My goal is to have it back to Pam no later than the 25th...and I'll make it. I only have 70 pages to go. Of course, they're the toughest 70 pages in the book. The climax at the end and the resolution are always the hardest parts for me to write. I really like getting to know the characters in a book...and if I really, really like them...then I don't want the book to end!

But I know there are readers who are eagerly awaiting this plus-length novel (73K and rising). So I shall put my nose to the grindstone and get back to work...

Play safe,

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I haven't been posting lately because things have been happening too quickly to keep up with them! HOOKED is supposed to be out at the end of June, but since I haven't seen the cover art yet, I'm waiting to do a big announcement. Don't want to get everyone's hopes up and then have to backpedal. So that's on one burner.

On another is DIAMOND STUDS...the anthology I wrote with Ruby Storm and Ruth Kerce. It's due out in paperback in July. I have seen the cover for this one...LOL...three gorgeous rear ends, only this time WITH jeans! The three of us are cooking up a great contest to celebrate it's release onto the shelves of the bookstores. That pot's simmering!

On the third burner is IRISH ENCHANTMENT, the anthology I wrote with Sahara Kelly and Tielle St. Clare. I have to admit, the short I have in that book, Stitches in Time, is one of my favorites. This book is also coming out in print...soon. Don't have a date, but I know we're close.

And of course, on the last burner is CABIN FEVER, which is a plus-novel currently in edits for Ellora's Cave. I'm about halfway through this series of edits and expect one more go-round after this one. Pam (my editor) and I are both very picky and don't want to release anything until we're both sure it's as tight (and sexy!) as it can be.

But of course, one dish is completed, off the stove and already the table, and that's an article in the July edition of Ellora's Cave newsletter on the confusion caused by the term BDSM. The term means so many things to so many different people...I figured it was my turn to take a stab at it.

So a great deal cooking in Diana Hunter's kitchen of erotic romance!