Learning Curve

Learning Curve
re-released January 2012.
Erotic romance

Bondage. Leather. Ropes. Sam’s secret fantasies are filled with shadowy desires brought to fulfillment when she meets Peter.

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Learning Curve - Diana Hunter

Content: Very Warm; M/f, BDSM

Excerpt from Learning Curve
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

Heading out of the theatre, Peter suggested they go for a walk before returning to the car. It wasn’t late and many of the businesses were still open. The street, known for its offbeat boutiques, stretched for several blocks. He took Her hand as they meandered along, peering into the windows of an antique shop, a bicycle shop, and a head shop before coming to a leather goods store. A customer was just leaving as they approached and the wonderful scent of leather came out to greet them. Sam took a deep, appreciative breath.
 “You like leather?” Peter asked her.
 “Oh, yes,” she answered, a blush coming to her cheek. “My driving gloves are real leather, my boots, too. I’ve looked at the leather coats, but haven’t bought one…yet.”
 “Why not?” he asked, and held the door open for her to enter.
 “Haven’t had the nerve, I guess. The type I like aren’t exactly ‘proper.’” She couldn’t believe she just admitted that to him. What was wrong with her?
“Show me—I’m sure they have your ‘type’. They have a good selection of leather goods here.”
It didn’t take long to find what she wished she had the courage to wear. It wasn’t a coat at all—and that’s what held her back. A coat was socially acceptable. A coat she could admit to wanting. A quick glance showed her Peter several feet away, inspecting a rack of short jackets. Giving into temptation, she ran her fingers over the soft, supple leather bustier knowing she would feel so sexy wrapped inside it. So involved with her own fantasy, she didn’t hear his approach. When his hand closed over hers, his fingers entwining the laces between their clasped hands, Sam's surprised gasp was audible in the store. Could he also hear her  heart beat faster?
 “I would love to see you in this,”  he murmured, his lips close to her ear.
 “Really? You wouldn’t think me…,” she couldn’t bring herself to say the word.
He supplied it for her. “Slutty? No. You are a beautiful woman who has denied her sexuality for far too long, Samantha. You have a long way to go before you would deserve such a term.”
The way he spoke, it was almost as if “slut” were a term of honor. Still, the leather called and she made up her mind. “All right,” she said defiantly. “ I’ll get it.” She pulled it off the rack and took it to the counter. Paid for, the clerk was about to put it in a bag when Peter stopped her.
 “Samantha, I want you to wear this tonight. Put it on for me?”


Jane at Amazon: "...passionate, sensual lovemaking."
Darcy at Goodreads: "...the delivery is beautiful and heart touching."
D at Goodreads: "I really LOVED this short story!"

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