Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ya gotta love it when a story practically writes itself. To go back...

I'm working on a three-part novella for consideration by Lady Jaided magazine. Started at the end of October with one story...when it didn't go anywhere after a week, I set it aside and started another.

Worked on that one right through December and into the first week of January. Wrote 11 thousand words...that's two-thirds of the novella. Decided it wasn't sexy enough, nor paranormal enough for the magazine. Set it aside.

Now in between these two stories, I also started one for EC's Christmas bonanza. But when that got to 10 thousand words and I was only half done, I knew it needed to be it's own stand alone novel. But since I didn't really have time to write one of those AND get the novella done for the magazine...I set it aside.

My deadline looms. I need to have an erotic paranormal with my signature BDSM twist by the first of March. It's the second week of January. What do I do? Why, start another story, of course!

THIS one sticks. Today I have a terrible cold. Can't stop sneezing, so I'm spreading my germs all over the place. Decided since I'm worthless at doing anything physical, I'll write. As of this morning, the first section of the novella was done, the second barely started. Usually I have time enough in a day to write about a thousand words. But being ill today, I set aside all my normal activities.

Are you ready for this? I think I broke my record. Today I wrote FOUR thousand, one hundred and sixteen words to this sucker! The stars were in their right places today! Finished the rough draft of the entire second section of the story. My fingers were flying!!!

And now I'm exhausted. Feel like I've run a marathon. Gonna take my sniffly nose and my sneezing to bed...

Play safe!

added: The story referred to in the last post? Set aside!