Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day three of the exciting announcements this week. This one, however, doesn't really pertain to Diana as much as it does my alter-ego, CF Duprey. Yesterday Diana had a release (have you seen it? Bought it? Get your copy now!), today CF Duprey has a release. Told you, it's been a busy summer and I've been working hard!

HARDSHIP AND HARDTACK is historical fiction (NOT erotic romance!) and is truly a work of my heart. This man's story affected me the very first time I heard it and I knew it was a story I had to tell. It is based on the letters the real Richard Bassett sent home to his wife during the Civil War. The monotony, the drilling, the fear and excitement of battle, the shame of being captured by the Confederates, he tells her all of it. Much of the action of the book is taken directly from what he wrote home.

Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite:

by CF Duprey
All Rights Reserved


At the sound of the steamer’s captain’s call, most of the men of Company B crowded the decks to get one last look at home. Each of the companies had done the same thing at various points along the way as the steamer passed one hometown after another. He watched as eagerly as the rest to see the families left behind.

It seemed as if all of PennYan had traveled the five miles to the dock at Dresden. A band played and ladies waved their handkerchiefs, all to send them on their way with fond memories of home. Even Richard found himself caught up in the gaiety and waved back almost as vehemently as the others, though he knew Mary wouldn’t be there. Their farm lay further south, closer to Dundee. He would look for his wife there.

Dresden faded into the distance, the sound of the band lingering long after the town slipped out of sight. Now they approached Lakemont, where he suspected his wife would be.

As they came into sight of the tiny hamlet, Richard strained his eyes, his heart beating hard. This would be the last glimpse of his family he’d get for a very long time. His eyes misted as he thought of it, but a surreptitious wipe of his sleeve got rid of them. He didn’t want his last look at his wife blurred by tears.

He saw his father first, standing straight and tall on the shoreline, saluting. Rass joined Richard at the side of the steamer and the two brothers stood at attention, returning the salute. And there was Mary, waving a blue handkerchief. He chuckled and remembered that she had told him it wouldn’t be a white one because she wasn’t going to surrender her husband to the army, only loan him. And so she waved a blue handkerchief that matched the blue of the uniform he would soon wear. By her side were his two little boys, Eddie and Georgie. At four years old, Eddie was old enough to understand a little of where his father was going.
He stood between his grandfather and his mother, shyly waving at the big boat. Georgie had just taken his first steps last week, and clung unsteadily to Mary’s skirts. As he watched, Mary scooped up the baby and held him for Richard to see.

The shoreline passed all too fast. Richard hardly noticed that Lill, their sister, also waved, as did Kate, Rass’ current love interest. No, his eyes were for Mary and the boys. The two brothers traveled back along the rail to the rear of the boat, keeping their family in their eyes as long as they could.

A moment later and the trees hid the sight of the small knot of people on the shore. The two stood in silence as the boat continued south, finally turning as one to pick their way back to their belongings.

No bands played now and the mood turned somber as each man thought of the ones he left
behind. It would be a long time before they would be back here again. Some would never come back.

The silent shore drifted past in an unbroken line of woodland. Not too many people lived right on the shore. The farms that bordered the lake tended to be up on the hills where the breezes cooled the houses and the sun warmed the earth. Richard thought of the haying they had just finished and tried not to worry about his father getting in the corn with only the help of a few old men and young boys. In spite of the conversation he’d had with Mary before he left, he knew she’d help harvest as well, a task he really didn’t want her doing. Her place was with the children, providing them a safe home he intended to come home to.

HARDSHIP AND HARDTACK is available in all ebook formats (print is coming soon). I hope you enjoy my foray into a different genre! Click here for the official website and purchasing info.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SERVICES RENDERED is now available from Ellora's Cave!

Told you it's going to be a week of announcements. Yesterday I told you about the new goodies on my website, today I get to announce a new release. And yes, there's more to come, so stay tuned to the blog (or my newsletter) for more tomorrow.

You can read an excerpt here, a different one here, and yet another (short) one below. I've also included a picture of the cover...John Fish is SOOOO sexy! And he perfectly fits the image of the hero inside. Yum :)

Excerpt from SERVICES RENDERED by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

Lauren nodded, conflicting emotions running rampant inside her. Reading people was second nature to her. One didn’t have a lot of time to make a call when the medics brought in their buddies. And there was more than one way to bleed.

But this John McAllen, so far, was an enigma. Obviously used to being in charge, yet out on this imaginary battlefield as a private. Smooth, definitely sexy—she’d seen the way the young woman reacted to him when he posed with his arm around her. Lauren had to admit she felt a little of the same herself. The way he looked right at her, as if she were the most important person on the planet right now? The way he steered her with small touches on her arm or back, not as if she were incapable, but as if he were protecting her.

That was it, right there. In his presence, she felt safe. As if he had the strength of body and will to fight off all her demons, both real and imagined. For a brief moment she thought of the two of them standing on a hill in a time period even longer ago and knew he’d be wearing armor and riding a white charger. Or maybe chaps and spurs and a white hat.

The vendor came with their cones and Lauren took a good, long lick, letting the mint settle deep inside her. A slow smile spread across her face. “Is there anything better for the soul than mint chocolate chip?” she commented.

“I can think of a few things,” John answered her, taking a lick of ice cream, twisting the cone around in his fingers. Yet his eyes never left hers, reading her body language far more easily than she read his. He had to. Lauren knew she was no good at hiding her emotions after the crisis had passed. Right now she felt safe, secure…and sexy in his eyes. She lifted her chin and took him up on his offer.

“Oh, really? Name one.”

“Tying a woman down and making love to her all night long.”

That's it! Now go buy the book!
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Diana :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is going to be an exciting week and I'll have lots to tell you nearly everyday. I've been busy this summer and now you get to see the fruits of my labor. It's not only farmers who can reap a big harvest!

Today, take a look at my website (It's here if you've forgotten). My webmistress has been working like crazy to get all the new books uploaded, complete with excerpts and blurbs and pictures of some very cool covers. In particular, take note of the What's New page.

Why, you ask? I've been following Diana's blog, I already know what her newest releases are!

Ha! One of the many things I've been working on is creating a series of downloads for my readers. On the updated What's New page, scroll down a bit to find some fun puzzles you can either print out or save to your computer and play. I had a lot of fun creating these - and I hope you'll have fun figuring them out.

So for today's exciting activity: go to my website, check the "What's New" page and scroll down for some fun (and did I say they're FREE!) downloads!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Quick plea for reviews of my self-pubbed works. Right now they're very lonely with only a few at Amazon. If you have the time (and have read the books) would you mind dropping a quick review on the site where you purchased it? I've provided quick links below for your convenience.

And if you haven't yet purchased any of the three...what are you waiting for????

TALES FROM THE RAMAYANA at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

TIMELESS LOVE at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

TABLE FOR FOUR at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Hmmm...I just noticed all three titles start with "T". Will have to switch that up with my next release!

Thanks and play safe!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

My turn to blog at the Scribes! Come on over and join the conversation about summer festivals...and food.