Sunday, April 23, 2006

I can't believe the RT Convention is just around the corner! Thought I'd post my schedule here so all who want to find me...can. I'm looking forward to meeting so many of you who are only email addresses to me at this point. Putting faces with names is so much more fun!


Wednesday, May 17th

My flight gets into Daytona around 10:30 am, so I expect to have registered at the hotel, signed in at the conference, put out promo stuff on Promotion Lane and still make the luncheon with Waldenbooks at noon. Okay, so I like my dream world. Think positive!

The afternoon's schedule is a bit flimsy...figure whatever I didn't get to do before lunch, I'll do after. But at 9:00 at know I'll be at the EC Fantasy Party! Best party of the week! There will be cover models (of course), fun prizes (anyone here as into scrapbooking as I am? I'm supplying one of the doorprizes: a craft carrier filled with scrapbooking supplies...and one of my books, of course!). I expect this day may last into the next...

Thursday, May 18th

10:00 am -- Sorry, I'll be unavailable for a little while this morning...I'll be attending EC's business meeting. But when we're done, I hope to have some juicy news for everyone! Stay tuned...I'll be blogging from the convention floor (if they have wireless) and from my room (if they don't).

But by 3:00...catch me at Club RT (formerly the Hospitality Suite). Stop by and chat...enter to win another great gift...don't leave me at my table all by myself!

And of course, that night is the Vampires of the Caribbean out for those fangs!

Friday, May 19th

I'll be in Club RT earlier today...11:00 am. Just late enough to allow me to sleep in a bit (I think I may need to!). I should mention I'll be hanging out at the Club quite a bit beyond my scheduled times. Not sure if EC will have a separate table again this year, but if they do, I'll be there as well. Be sure to stop by!

Now in between all these parties, there IS work to be done...workshops to attend, people to meet, Promotion Lane to restock. So if you see me in the halls, or on the elevator, be sure to stop and say hey!

Saturday, May 20th

The big Booklover's Convention. Three hundred romance writers in one huge room. Ah, the madness! The rush! The wonder! If you've never been, it's quite the experience. Theoretically, authors are arranged alphabetically, but I've never seen it completely accurate. So look around...I'll be there, pen in hand and ready to sign. It opens at 10:30 for registered conference attendees and at 11:00 opens to the public. We're there till 3:00 pm...and I love the hustle, bustle and general chaos. Bring me a waterbottle and I'll love you forever!

Sunday, May 21st

Alas, all good things must draw to an end. My flight for home leaves Daytona around 10:00 I'll be up and out early this morning, with memories and smiles...and lots and lots of books collected over the week.

So, I hope to see you there...till then,

Play safe!