Submission Revealed

Submission Revealed
released May 2007
erotic romance

A strong BDSM relationship isn’t always understood by those on the outside looking in.

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Content: Spicy, M/f, Strong BDSM

Excerpt from Submission Revealed
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

Phillip watched her from the porch, stepping out of the cottage as soon as he heard Sarah’s car turn into the drive. Watching her now, when she was still unaware of his presence, brought a smile to his lips. When they had first met, she’d been so guarded and careful, so concerned lest she frighten him away with her incredible passion for life. And now she stood in his driveway, soaking in nature’s peace, her soul bared for all the world to see. How could he do anything but love her?
She slowly turned in the sunlight and he gloried in the sight of her long brown hair unbound now and cascading over her shoulders to fall free. He loved it when she draped that silky curtain over his cock, teasing him to distraction. And he loved it when she was bound, unable to move or have her way at all. Both giving her free rein and reining her in had unique advantages.
She turned to face the cottage, opening her eyes and his heart quickened at the sudden joy that leapt into her face. With a bounce and a skip, Sarah crossed the space between them and he gathered her into his arms, burying his face in the soft tresses of her hair to drink in her perfume as moments earlier he had devoured the sight of her. Crushing her to him, he held her tightly in his arms, never wanting to lose the precious gem she had become.
And when he mastered himself and stepped back, he was again undone by the soft sensuousness of her heart-shaped lips—lips made for being kissed. She looked up at him with eyes half closed with lust and his body responded. Bending down, he captured her mouth in his kiss, first gently tasting, then ravenously devouring her as the wild animal banged at the cage inside.

The birds twittered in the trees and a chipmunk paused in its mad dash across the clearing but Phillip and Sarah didn’t even notice. After a week apart, with only emails to sustain them, they reveled in the sense of touch.


Cheapandlazy on Amazon: "This sequel to "Secret Submission" is a very romantic heavy BDSM story with plenty of great scenes and an interesting plot twist with the law being brought in. Enjoyable and satisfying."
Mary Jo Olewinski on Amazon: "Great BDSM read for beginners or more lovers of the genre. Diana Hunter does a great job highliting thr D/s relationship."

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