Tied in Knots

Tied in Knots
released August 30, 2016
Erotic romance

Emily's past threatens to catch up with her just when she's found someone she trusts.

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NOTE: This book is part of The Sweet Spot Series written by the Sizzling Scribes

Content: Quite Warm, M/f, BDSM

Excerpt from Tied in Knots
by Diana Hunter
All rights reserved

Much as she ached to get her hands on him, professionalism took precedence. “You have some forms to fill out for me first.”
He grinned. “I forgot.”
She handed him the clipboard and he handed her his shirt. She accepted the trade and hung the shirt on the edge of the screen. As she did so, she caught a whiff of his aftershave on the collar. Faint, somewhat spicy, just enough to make her want to lean in and take another sniff.
She almost did, then caught herself. That would hardly be professional, to be caught sniffing the man’s shirt. Yet her fingers lingered as if by touching the garment a moment longer, they could drink in the scent for her.
Schooling herself, she busied herself at the desk while he filled out the forms, sneaking glances at his bowed head. Okay, so maybe not so much just his head. She had a moment to study the stiffness of his neck where it pained him but also to appreciate the small movements of muscle under the skin. When he stood, she quickly looked down at the desk, pretending to be working and feigning surprise when he set the clipboard on the surface.
Putting on a charming smile, she picked it up and gave the two pages a quick read-through. No allergies, no meds. She made a mental note that he drank “occasionally” and that he’d never smoked. Good for him on both counts.
An image of the two of them sharing a glass of wine over a candlelit dinner popped into her head. His eyes gleamed darkly in the dim light, smoldering with passion and desire. A rush of heat to her groin made her sit rather abruptly to stop her thoughts from proceeding any further.
“I . . . erm . . .” She stopped to clear her throat then tried again. “I see your emergency contact is a sister in New York. No one closer?”
“I suppose Matt Carter would be a good substitute, but if anything happens to me in that chair, I’d prefer my family know about it first.” He crossed his arms over that wonderful chest and grinned down at her.
She stood, tossing her head and gesturing to the chair. “I haven’t lost a client yet, Doc.”
He knelt on the pads provided for his knees and leaned forward, resting his arms on the ones below. Clearly he’d done this before. As he settled his face into the headrest, Emily enjoyed the view. The professional part of her noted the play of his neck and shoulder muscles. Even without touching him she could tell where the problem lay. She’d start in the center and work the good side first, easing into the sorer muscles and spending the bulk of his half hour on them.
The womanly side of her, however, liked the rest of the view. His ass—firm, packed and gorgeous where it sat on the tilted seat, was one she could admire for quite a while.


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