Sunday, February 27, 2005

Okay, I didn't win a CAPA (Cupid and Psyche Award) from The Romance Studio. That's all right, it really IS fun just to be nominated. And speaking of nominations, Table for Four is nominated for an EPPIE from the Electronically Publishing Internet Connection group. This is a huge honor and I'm grateful for the nomination as one of the top erotic romances of the year. Unfortunately, I cannot go to the award ceremony, held in Long Beach, California, as I've already made arrangements to go to St. Louis for the Romantic Times Convention a month later. But I will be there in spirit!

I've just about finished a new novel. I've just the resolution to finish and then I can send it off to my editor for her fine-toothed comb. For those who've never had the honor of working with a great editor, let me tell you: the editor's work is invaluable to the writer. My editor, Pam Campbell, has the most wonderful knack of finding every spot where I got lazy and pointing it out to me. Without her eye for detail, my books would be dry as the Sahara Desert. Her favorite phrases for my first drafts are, "more visual detail," and "moresexmoresexmoresex"! LOL

Seriously, a writer knows some of the flaws in her book when she submits it; the editor finds those and more. Taking to heart the criticism an editor gives, can give an author a chance to add the spit and polish every book needs. It is the editor's work that helps mold a rough draft into a work of art.

Let me conclude this paean to editors with a hearty thank you to Pam for all her work on all my books. Whether they win awards or not, we have a great time creating them!