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Whether on Ellora's Cave home site for my EC books or on the Amazons (US, IT, UK, DE, FR, ES, JP, IN, CA, BR...so far) to  Barnes and Noble's Nook site to Smashwords, you can find links to all formats here. Because some books are in print as well, that adds to the list of places to purchase them; those links are below as well.

Use this page for links to your favorite site and get the books you don't yet have. Be sure to return to the place you bought it and leave a review!


Frankenstein's Captain, released November, 2013
(formerly released as Kara's Captain)

How can a man, dead over 200 years, be the love of her life?

Amazon: UK site, FR site, DE site, ES site, ITsite, JP site, IN site, CA site, BR site, MX site, AU site

Reviews: needs some! Please go to the site of your choice and leave an honest review. :)


Diana's Little Book of Poems, released June 28, 2013
Poetry    Read a sample here.

Kindle: US site, UK site, FR site, DE site, ES site, IT site, JP site, IN site, CA site, BR site, AU site

Diana does more than just write erotic romance. Enjoy this fun collection of poems she's written over the years!


Tied to Home, released November 1, 2012;
Erotic romance, excerpt here

Self-bondage helps Wiste relax...until the handcuff lock breaks and only Matt Carter can get her loose.

Tied to Home - Diana Hunter

BDSM Book Reviews "...anyone who enjoys being bound, will definitely enjoy reading this one."


A Night to Remember, released July 2012.
Erotic short story, excerpt here

A night of romance and seduction. A night of passion and lust. A night to remember...

Amazon: IT site, UK site, DE site, FR site, ES site, JP siteIN site, CA site, BR site, AU site

A Night to Remember - Diana Hunter


Shooting Star, released June 2012. 
Murder-mystery erotic romance. Excerpt here

Hal and Callie, Laura and Alex – who would’ve thought Hollywood and small-town America could fall in love?

But when murder stalks the set of the new Earth Captain movie, two are targets and two are suspects....

Amazon: IT site, UK site, DE site, FR site, ES site, JP siteIN site, CA site, BR site, AU site

Smashwords                                                           IN PRINT: Createspace, Amazon
Shooting Star - Diana Hunter

Amazon: "...a fun read...has a natural, organic flow."


Learning Curve, re-released January 2012.
Erotic romance. Excerpt here

Bondage. Leather. Ropes. Sam’s secret fantasies are filled with shadowy desires brought to fulfillment when she meets Peter.

Amazon:  IT site, UK site, DE site, FR site, ES site, JP site, IN site, CA site, BR site, AU site


Learning Curve - Diana Hunter

Jane at Amazon: "...passionate, sensual lovemaking."
Darcy at Goodreads: "...the delivery is beautiful and heart touching."
D at Goodreads: "I really LOVED this short story!"


Table for Four, re-released August 2011.
Erotic romance. Excerpt here

Two husbands, two wives, none of them satisfied in the bedroom. The solution is obvious...

Amazon: IT site, UK site, DE site, FR site, ES site, JP siteIN site, CA site, BR site, AU site

Table for Four - Diana Hunter

IN PRINT: at Createspace   

Jane at Amazon: "I was panting, grinning and chuckling because I was so affected."
Suzie Housley at Romantic Times Magazine: "Table for Four is not for the faint of heart."
Susan Holly at Just Erotic Romance Reviews: "with twist and turns that will titillate, capture your attention and hold it till the end."


Tales from the Ramayana, released April, 2011
An expounding of Ram and Sita's meeting, wooing, and wedding.

Kindle: US site, IT site, UK site, DE site, FR site, ES site, JP site, IN site, CA site, BR site

It's love at first site for Ram and Sita, but first he has to convince her father that they're destined to be together...

Full list of all available titles. 

(a title in red means it is currently unavailable)

Pdf version available here.

TitleFormatYearpublisherpen name
Secret Submissionplus novel2003ECDiana Hunter
Ellora’s Cavemen: Tales from the Temple III (contains: Writers Unblocked)anthology2004ECDiana Hunter
Table for Fournovel2004ECDiana Hunter
Learning CurveQuickie2004ECDiana Hunter
Diamond Studsanthology2005ECDiana Hunter
Cabin Fevernovel2005ECDiana Hunter
Hookednovella2005ECDiana Hunter
Frankenstein’s Captainnovel2013selfDiana Hunter
Devil in Winternovella2006ECDiana Hunter
Submission Revealedplus novel2007ECDiana Hunter
New York MomentQuickie2007selfDiana Hunter
Over my Enslaved Bodynovel2008A1Adult EbooksMystic Shade
Promise for NowQuickie2008ECDiana Hunter
Stress Reliefnovel2009ECDiana Hunter
Traitor Slavenovella2009A1Adult EbooksMystic Shade
Fully Ownednovella2009A1Adult EbooksMystic Shade
Stitches in Timenovella2009ECDiana Hunter
Love in the AfternoonQuickie2010ECDiana Hunter
Remembered Loveshort stories2010selfDiana Hunter
Tales from the Ramayanashort stories2011selfDiana Allandale
Timeless Loveshort stories2011selfDiana Allandale
Yours to Commandshort story2011selfMystic Shade
I Stay a Little Longershort story2012selfDiana Allandale
Sahara Heatanthology2012ECDiana Hunter
Shooting Starplus novel2012selfDiana Hunter
A Night to Remember                  short story        2012          self                     Diana Hunter
Tied to Home                               novella               2012         self                     Diana Hunter
Hardship and Hardtack                novel                 2011         self                     CF Duprey

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