Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The numbers game

Two years ago, this site got 326 hits in the month of April. This month just past? It got 3261 hits -- the most ever and a ten-fold increase. What changed in those two years?

First off, I started the writing workshops and, by April 2011, they were gaining traction. My Tuesday hits rose dramatically with each passing month, and still do (so although you're quiet, I know you're out there!).

Second, I dropped my regular, static webpage (pretty though it was) so that the addy www.dianahunter.net points here. What was supposed to be a temporary fix, however, as I searched for a new host and debated new designs, has become a permanent change. I like the tabs at the top to make it easy to find my books, no matter what nom de plume they're written under. I like the ease of updating everyone and I like the overall look (although I wouldn't mind feedback. I do tend to get bored with static pages and it might be getting close to time for a template change).

Third, I started up my Google AdWords campaign again, this time doubling the money. With AdWords, you create the ad, then determine a dollar amount you want to spend each day. Google places the ad on the sidebar of hundreds of sites until your click-through amount is spent. Sometimes that means I get only a few dozen placements, other times it means thousands. I only pay if the viewer clicks on the ad. Every time they click, they come to the front page here and that counts as a visit.

So visits to this site have increased by a factor of ten in two years. Each month is better than the month before (those 3261 hits for the last 30 days is a new record for me!) and I don't see the trend falling off anytime soon.

Now some of you are probably saying, "What? Only 3251 hits for an entire month??? Poor thing!"

I don't see it that way at all. I see it as a huge growth - one that is still going strong. My book sales are up, and while I have no proof that's related to the rise in the number of website hits, I'm pretty sure its a factor. So this glass-half-full kinda gal is elated and celebrating!

Thanks to all who visit. Be sure to join my newsletter (sign-up is in the top right corner of this page) for special surprises and deals on my books. And, as always,

Play safe!

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