Saturday, April 13, 2013

random thoughts on character

Saturday morning routines are pretty set for me. I get up, use the bathroom and brush my teeth, go to my study and run through my email accounts, play my daily games and, in general, wake up. This takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours, depending on what sucks me in.

This morning, for example, I found a set of interview questions in my inbox for an upcoming article in the Sizzling Scoop Magazine. By the time I finished, I’d been up for nearly three hours...and was still in my nightgown.

But I’m not going anywhere today, or at least, not this morning. My husband is deep in a painting and I’m planning to add to a current work in progress. I did, however, change my clothes.

And it was then I realized I have two ways of describing that action. On a day like today, a day where nothing is planned besides staying inside, I “put on some clothes.” On a workday, however, or a day when I’m going out, even if its just to the grocery store, I “dress”. Verb form, not noun.

That thought then led me to think about my characters. How many of them “dress” vs. “put on clothes” –and do I make a distinction in my stories? Those word choices say a lot about the character’s approach to the day.

Something to keep in mind as I sit with them today...

Play safe!

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