Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Word count update

You may remember, I set my writing goal at 250,000 words for the year. That means I need to write nearly 21,000 words each month.

I started out great, writing 22,931 words in January. February wasn't awful, although I only hit the 11,860 mark, half of what I needed.

March has been terrible. I should know better - March and November are my worst months for writing because my day job gets in the way those months. Normally I can write around the requirements of teaching, but, in those months, grades are due and there are major papers that need reading before I can turn them in.

My March totals don't even make the 10K mark, coming in at 7486. :(

That puts me at 42,277 when I should be nearer to 63,000 - or about 20K off from where I want to be.

Am I worried? Not really. I knew March would tank. So far in April, I have just over 1900 words written (although I threw out nearly 400 of them yesterday in several failed attempts to get a short story written. Don't care. Am counting them anyway. I still wrote them, even if they weren't any good).

Today I worked on a poem for a collection I have coming out in a few months, so not really *new* words, just wordsmithing old ones. Won't count those.

This month will be a good month, though. I feel it in my bones!

Play safe,

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