Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Throw some spaghetti!

Some prompts this week to get you going if you need it, get some practice if you want it, get down, get funky, get real!

LOL Okay, whimsical is the word for the week. Don't know about you, but after a week like the one just past, we can all use some whimsy in our lives.

And so....

Choose a prompt below and, using what you learned before, have at it!


1) Using the word "whimsical" or "whimsy" as your base, write a scene that expresses that feeling.

2) It's the first warm day of the new season; protagonist has had a long day at work and is on his/her way home. An ice cream stand, capitalistic to the core, is open to take advantage of the beautiful day. Describe the scene and decide: does your protagonist give in to the call of the ice cream, simply watch from the sidelines, or pass by without noticing?

3) Write the scene: You're the ice cream man but only have one flavor. People don't care, they buy it anyway. Smiles abound.

4) First person point of view: you pass a group of kids, ages range from about 10 to 15. They're flying kites in the very strong wind. What do you do?

Have fun, play a little, write a lot!


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