Saturday, May 14, 2005

To paraphrase an old movie: what would happen if they gave a booksigning and nobody showed up?

Many thanks to Julie...our one and only attendee at the first stop of the EC bus tour! I'm afraid Borders didn't quite do the advance advertising we'd hoped...although the timing was also against us. Seems two major colleges in the area had their graduation ceremonies this everyone who would normally be in the bookstore was occupied. Even the mall next store which is normally one of the busiest malls in the Albany area, was empty when I went shopping afterward.

Oh, well. Jennifer Dunne and I had a great time talking with Julie and getting to know each other better as well. The EC bus is resplendent, of course...and many people stopped by to talk to the staff there. LOL I think Jennifer and I might have had more traffic if we had been out by the bus!

Still and all, it was great fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again in 2 weeks time in Farmington, CT. Several fans have already told me they'll be there...and I look forward to meeting them in person! Very cool.

My editor sent CABIN FEVER to me yesterday for the first go-round of edits. Darn point of view is shifting again. Not sure what got into me this winter that all of a sudden I keep head-hopping. One paragraph of what she's thinking...the next in his head. Enough to drive a reader to thinking she's watching a tennis match! Gotta fix that.

Off to work!
Play safe,

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