Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I spent both Monday and Tuesday getting caught up. DIAMOND HEAT is almost ready for print...Ruby, Ruth and I had to go over the galleys and spot any changes that needed to be made. Not too bad, I only found 2 mistakes I'd made and one that was a spacing error. Our changes are now in, so that should be released in paperback sometime over the summer. July, maybe?

I also started a business plan. When I sold my first manuscript, SECRET SUBMISSION, to Ellora's Cave, I had no idea that a writer's life was more than just writing the books. LOL Boy, do I know better now! Promotional items, webpages, newsletters, conventions...the list goes on. I begin to understand why JK Rowling is having trouble getting a book written!

So now I'm beginning to actually think of my writing career like a business...and that actually has brought about some exciting ideas. Nothing I'm ready to announce...but lots I'm considering for the website. Need to get a DBA (Doing Business As...) form and go from there. So much to keep in my head!

Today I'm hoping to find some time to work on the short story I have underway for the next Caveman series. It needs to be in by September. And my editor has told me I should have edits on HOOKED and CABIN FEVER back soon, so those will take up my time quickly.

Back to work! Play safe,

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