Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wednesday, redux...

What's that adage about if it can go wrong, it will? The day hiccupped and I ended up with a major problem.

You see, ahead of time I sent to the hotel, via UPS, 2 boxes of notepads with my website and promo info imprinted on them. The intent was to put one notepad in every bag EC gave away at the party tonight. 400 notepads in total. There were 100 notepads in the smaller box; 3oo in the larger one.

UPS is a good company and true to their word. By 4:30 this afternoon, the two boxes had been delivered to the hotel. And then the hotel lost the larger of the 2 boxes. Yes, you heard me. Somewhere between the delivery dock and the spot where we were stuffing bags (2 floors down), the hotel managed to "misplace" 300 personalized notepads.

I did not have a happy face.

Good thing Angelica is here, let me tell you. She's very good about taking care of matters like this. Unfortunately, the box was still missing and the bags needed to be done. So, instead of putting the excerpt booklets out on the table as planned, 300 of them went into the EC bags in place of the missing notepads. And on Promo Alley? Well, let's just say it's a good thing I brought a lot of bookmarks!

So yes, I can be flexible and adapt as needed. But let me say that the hotel darn well better find that box, or I'll be asking them for the replacement value!

On to better the EC party...What a blast! So many cool people...Arianna Hart, Cheyenne McCray...dancing with Camille Anthony (let me tell you, the girl has some moves!). The EC cover models were there and I got a hug from Rodney Chapman, whose wonderful face and physique graces the cover of 'my' TALES FROM THE TEMPLE III. Over 40 gift boxes were given away as door prizes -- so many authors donated great prizes!

The party is still going, but we've conked out. The day has been long for us, even after a short nap this afternoon. Tomorrow the day gets started at 8:30 ... so till then, play safe!



sonya said...

you go girl
chase the hotel manager down and give him the what for.
don't forget to get your money for the box and have him throw in your hotel fee for the stress they put you in

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sonya...get that hotel fee back for the hassle! Hope you're having a great time Diana! Sure sounds like it! Give CJ a big kiss for me!