Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is way too cool. I have to admit...I've only traveled by air once before in my life...and that was 24 years ago in a short puddle jump that lasted less than an hour in the air. Today was great! I had a wonderful time flying! We were over 6 miles up in the air and I couldn't stop writing about it. So many wonderful images that will come in handy later, if I have a heroine that goes flying....

Many thanks to Angelica, my promotions manager -- a seasoned traveler who knew where to go and what to do. She pointed and I just did what she did. We arrived at the Millennium Hotel with no hassles...and almost an hour early! American Airlines sure get points for that.

After checking in (no, my promo materials that I sent on ahead are not here yet -- not panicking, not panicking), we put out 50 excerpt booklets for TABLE FOR FOUR and toured the area to get the lay of the land. Then back upstairs for a nap -- we lost an hour in changing time zones. And since our flight out was so early, I'd gotten up at 4 AM.

Rested, we headed back down to the lower lobby where all the action is -- and came back up almost immediately when we discovered only 7 excerpt booklets left! Have put 50 SECRET SUBMISSION booklets out now.

Speaking of SECRET SUBMISSION -- it was reviewed in this month's Romantic Times Magazine -- FOUR STARS!!!! I'm very psyched.

Have re-met Ashleigh Raine, Ruby Storm, Titania Ladley, and Heather Osborn. Have met for the first time, Jordan Summers and Camille Anthony. What a great group so far!

Off to get ready for the EC Fantasy party tonight...will write more later. Till safe,

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