Thursday, April 21, 2005

And so the countdown to the Romantic Times Convention begins! In one week, I'll be on a plane, headed to St. Louis, MO...Can't wait to see the big arch! I spent two hours today organizing my wardrobe! Need five outfits for the nighttime activities and five daytime ensembles. Since I'm flying out, I don't have room for much in the way of costumes, so for the evening affairs I've decided to go sparkly and elegant. Need to save the space in my suitcase for promo items!

Speaking of promo items...for those of you attending the RT convention, stop in at the Hospitality Suite Thursday afternoon between 4-5:00 pm. I'll be at the Ellora's Cave table. Mention this weblog to me and get a special gift!

And for those who cannot attend the the newsletter for an important announcement soon. I'll be holding a special contest for those who can't be there. (Here's a hint: each day I'll post my adventures in St. Louis here on At the end of the convention, there will be a quiz!)

Till safe!

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