Sunday, April 04, 2004

TABLE FOR FOUR is now in final edits...or what I hope will be final edits!

What does that mean? It means I read the entire novel again, from the very beginning: fixing, tweaking, adding a bit here, refining a bit there; always checking to be sure I haven't left any plot holes or major mistakes (already once in this novel I gave the one couple two different last names ... oops!).

But I'd like this novel to be longer. In order to be a print book as well as an ebook, I have to hit 54,000 words. I'm at 44+K. My editor has given me a week to see if the characters cooperate and want more time together. Remember the mantra: moresexmoresexmoresex!

But of course, plot and character development MUST go along with that. Sex for sex's sake is only porn. Any sex I add at this point will be germane to the plot of the book. So I've read it through (I'm taking a break; I actually have one more chapter to read) and tweaking, then deciding if another chapter is needed or not.

Don't worry; I'm not going to make it longer just because I want to hit a particular word count. I do have to remain true to the characters and what they want/need. It's a balancing act between what the story needs...and what I want it to be.

Back to work....take care!

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