Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sorry I haven't written much the past few days...have been spending my time with the final edits for TABLE FOR FOUR. The final scenes are clicking into place and I think you will be very satisfied with the results. Weaving in the loose ends is always a fun job...making connections people don't expect to see. And because TFF has not just ONE hero and heroine, but TWO of each, weaving in those threads becomes a doubly difficult job.

I've decided writing vanilla sex is much more difficult than writing D/s sex. Not only are the positions more fun in D/s-BDSM, but the conflicting emotions of both the sub/slave and the Dom/Master are much more interesting to explore. The vanilla world is a mystery to me, in spite of the fact that most of my adult life has been living the more 'normal' lifestyle. I think I'll stick with the 'kink' side of life!

Remember to play safe, sane and consensual!

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