Sunday, April 25, 2004

Steven Covey wrote a book called "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People." Among the Habits, there is one he calls "Sharpening the Saw." People who consider themselves successful make a habit of taking time off. They indulge in a hobby, a vacation, a good book....anything that takes their mind off work and lets them rest and re-energize. Doesn't matter what your profession or what job you do, it is his opinion we all need to take time out on occasion to 'sharpen the saw."

Why do I start this entry with that seeming sidestep? Because I have not written one word for an entire week. Not. One. Word. I've written two full-length novels, two short stories and one novella-length work in a year's time. Although I am faced with a deadline for two more contracted works, this week I just couldn't think. And then I remembered Steven Covey.

So I stopped beating myself up about the fact that I couldn't seem to concentrate and took it as a sign that I needed a bit of a break. I've crocheted several hotpads, cleaned SEVERAL rooms of this house, and read FOUR books! I haven't read four books in a week in AGES!!!!

The result is, today I feel more relaxed and calm than I have in quite some time. Tomorrow I have a two-hour time set aside to write...and I shall be ready. Fresh from a week of doing 'nothing,' I will dig in and get DIAMOND HEAT rolling. Nothing like coming off a break and into a hot love scene!

BTW, I'd recommend Steven Covey's book to anyone who hasn't yet read it. Some great things to remember in there...lessons to live by!

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