Monday, April 12, 2004

As my son would say, "Holy Moly Mackeral Cow!" What a day! I spent the entire day on the Ellora's Cave reader's list..and what fun it was! I chose "Redemption" as a theme and the excerpts I posted all came from authors who had written some very hot scenes! Many thanks to Kate Hill, Cheyenne McCray, Sarah McCarty,
Shelby Reed, Cricket Starr, and of course, yours truly!

Yes, I did! I posted an excerpt and the blurb for TABLE FOR FOUR. If you haven't been to the newsletter site, check it out ( ). I think you'll see this book is worth waiting for.

And yes, I think it's finished! In between posts today, I finished it off. Tomorrow morning I'll give the last two chapters a final read to make sure I haven't left any loose ends and then send it off to my editor with crossed fingers.

Thanks to all who stopped by the list today...I had a great time!

Take care,

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