Monday, February 18, 2013

UNDER HIS SPELL now available!

That's right! Mystic Shade has a new title out. UNDER HIS SPELL -- the newest story from the world of slave-trainers and auction houses. This is a full-length novel and I just love the noir cover, don't you?

I have two blurbs for this one (I can't decide which I like better, so vote in the comments or send an email with "BLURB" in the subject line).

Here's the first:
Davidson Advertising Agency has a secret. So does its owner. Handed down to him through two generations, Alex Davidson runs not one, but two separate companies in the building his grandfather bought.

The top two floors hold the advertising agency known world-wide for their award winning designs and beautiful artistry.

The bottom two floors hold a secret. A secret that would ruin him were it to get out...

And here's the second:
Susan Bristol loves her sessions with her hypnotist. For the first time in her life, she understands her dreams and desires are nothing to be ashamed of. Now if only she could get her boss to notice her...

Alex Davidson knows what he wants...and isn't afraid to use a little hypnotism to get it. He’s not only noticed the new graphic artist hired by his company, he’s decided she would make an excellent sale at the Davidson Auction House. Once she’s received training as a sex slave, of course. 

Remember, Mystic Shade writes books that are "for the shadier sides of our desires". This book contains scenes of hypnotism, bondage, whipping and other BDSM-related actvities. Be warned!

Use this link to find all of Mystic Shade's titles in every ebook format.

Play safe and happy reading!

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