Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ten years!

It’s hard to believe, but it was ten years ago that I started writing what would eventually become Secret Submission, my first published novel.

I had long been interested in bondage but really, it was the invention of the Internet that allowed me to explore this expression of sexuality through the safe confines of my own house. I learned about safe-words, about Doms and Dommes, about flying and relaxation and munches. I met people with similar interests, experienced people, who were willing to answer my questions and allow me my explorations.

One Dom, to whom I had complained about the dearth of good stories on the web, challenged me to write one of my own. I created the characters of Sarah and Phillip and gave them their weekends together as he introduced her to the lifestyle. Writing it allowed me to explore the dichotomies inherent in a modern woman who has a submissive nature and is having trouble reconciling the two.

Secret Submission has become my best-selling novel (although Tablefor Four is catching up!). It was begun with a deep-seated need to understand my own feelings, feelings that have been explored in all my novels. I’ve likened BDSM to a candy store before (will try to find the reference) and each one of my books tries out a different piece of candy. Don’t worry—the store is fully stocked and there are several pieces I haven’t tried yet!

Like my readers, I’ve found some candies I don’t care for. StressRelief has proven to be too harsh for many of my readers. I explored the concept of humiliation in that one. Some love it...some don’t. It’s okay. I don’t like licorice.

I created the persona of Mystic Shade to write books that go even further, dealing with titillation of a different sort since StressRelief proved to me that my readers have lines they don’t like Diana Hunter books to cross (shameless plug: Under His Spell, a new Mystic Shade title, is coming before the end of the month! Sign up for my newsletter for a sneak peek.).

But it all began ten years ago this month. Now, ten short stories, nine novellas, and eight novels later, I’m still writing, still enjoying myself—and am looking forward to retirement from my day job so I can do this ALL the time!

To all my readers: Thank you! You give me encouragement to keep going. Here’s to another ten years...and lots more books!

Play safe,

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