Monday, January 28, 2013

The man I fell in love with...

For Christmas, my husband got me season two of Here Come the Brides. Now, those of you who have been long-time readers of the blog know Bobby Sherman was my first crush. Not only because he's cute, but he also embodies the qualities of a gentleman...and those of a gentle man. I fell for him hard. I've been watching the episodes and falling in love all over again. You can blame this post on my husband for giving me the DVDs and on Mr. Sherman for being, well, gorgeous.

My next major crush on a person I couldn't have had a similar appearance and a similar personality. Dark hair, dimples, kind hands, a gentle spirit and a love of music. And long hair. God, I love a man with long hair. And I'm not talking touch-the-collar long, but at least shoulder-length. Beautiful!

And then I met the man I fell truly in love with. Black hair, blue eyes, dimples...and he played the guitar! He was thoughtful, a ladies' man who loved to flirt. Like my second crush, he had curly long hair and like Mr. Sherman, had a gentle heart.

I'm not stupid. I married him.

And then I made him the basis for nearly all the male protagonists in my novels. Granted, some of my heroes have other real-life inspirations, but I always come back to the same general look: Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, dimples, and hair "long enough to run your fingers through."

Am I predictable? I suppose so. But as a famous person once said, "I know what I like," and another said, "Write what you know."

And I know a cute guy when I see him. Thanks, honey! I love ya much.

Although if you happen to see Mr. could send him my way... :)

Play safe,

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