Monday, January 21, 2013

Location, location, location?

When I am home during the day (which is mostly only on weekends) and I sit down to write, this time of year I tend to sit stretched out on a small loveseat in front of our gas fireplace. It's warm, the blanket over my lap and the cat snuggled in on my feet (which he deigns to do only occasionally), makes for a very comfortable writing spot.

Unfortunately, this spot is also in the center of our house. The stairs from the upper floor come down one side of the fireplace and the entrance to the kitchen is on the other. As everyone rises for the day, they pass by and, of course, speak to me. They've gotten pretty good at not saying anything until I finish a sentence, but they still wish to say things like, "good morning" and "are you doing laundry today?"

Still, it's the warmest spot in the house and I can generally get in a few hours there before everyone else gets up (to be fair, my husband and I are usually out of bed at the same time, but his studio is on the second floor, so every time he comes down to grab a piece of toast, clean a brush, head to class...he does so past the the loveseat. At least I get a kiss from him most passes.)

Two quotes:
"I don't wait to be struck by lightning and I don't need certain slants of light to write." ~Toni Morrison

"A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper." ~ E.B. White

Ideal writing conditions don't exist. Most of my early work I wrote in the car as I waited for my daughter to finish a dance class or my son to get out of his basketball practices. In the winter I froze, in the summer I sweltered. Didn't matter. 

Me, the laptop and the story in my head. That's all I need. And all you need. 

So no more excuses about it being too noisy where you are, or that you only have a half an hour before the next shift in your running around. Location doesn't matter. The lighting doesn't matter. Noise doesn't matter. Go get yourself lost in your writing and WRITE!

...and leave a tip in the jar on your way out. :)



Burun Esteti─či said...

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Diana Hunter said...

Thanks, Burun! Be sure to check out the workshops tab above for more workshops. :)