Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I'm reading...

I have been very remiss in keeping track of what I read. The best year I did was the year I made myself accountable to you, my readers.

As a result, I'm using you again this year in an effort to keep track of all the books I read throughout the calendar year. What I post are not reviews, per se, but rather just some gut reactions to the book. All posts will be tagged "book thoughts." You can also use that tag in the list in the sidebar to find past postings on what I've read.

Feel free to add your comments about the books if you desire!

Now, I'm not a vampire lover (barely made it through the Twilight series and only because a friend insisted) and I definitely do not do zombies. But I am a Shakespeare lover and put him at the top of my all-time favorite authors. How could I resist a book called Shakespeare Undead? It's written by Lori Handeland and I found it to be a cute story. Like Shakespeare in Love there are some historical errors, but I was willing to overlook them since, in this book, Will Shakespeare is a vampire. Historical inaccuracies pale in comparison.

General impression? Cute story, kept me interested even if it didn't take but an afternoon to read. More for the teen-lit crowd, but hey, when has that ever stopped me?

So, two days into the new year, one book already read. For Christmas this year, I told my children (I have two and they're both in their early 20's) that they should get me something they think I should read. Gave them no more direction than that, curious as to what they'd come up with.

My son bought me a boxed set of the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, knowing I like fantasy. My daughter bought me two first books of two different series, figuring I could start both series and then continue with the one I liked best (knowing me, I'll probably like them both). So I'm looking forward to starting Mystic Warrior by Tracy and Laura Hickman and Shadowmarch by Tad Williams.

My husband, not to be outdone, bought me Star Trek: Destiny by David Mack. It's a collection of three ST novels in one volume. I told you I'm an eclectic reader! You can look forward to my thoughts on all these books in the next few months.

(I'm trying not to start any of them now because I really want to finish writing Under His Spell, a new novel coming out under my Mystic Shade nom de plume. I only have about another 10,000 words to write and it's done!)

Play safe - and remember, the writing workshops start up again on January 8th.

(edited to add Shakespeare in Love link)

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