Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A reflection

I hope you've spent some time working on your newest piece of writing, getting the story down and playing with characters! The best way to become a writer is to write. There really are no shortcuts. You just have to put your rear end in the chair, your fingers on the keyboard (or take the pencil in hand) and write. Lots.

Yes, some of it will be garbage. But some of it will be gold. We all write a little of each. The trick is finding those nuggets in and among the dross.

Yet on occasion we forget the joy of writing, of creating whole stories out of nothing but our own imaginations. When writing becomes work, we wonder why we do it, what ill-conceived stupidity put in our heads that writing would be a great way to make a living.

I have a cure for just such occasions.

Below is a piece for your reflective writing journal. Copy the first four words and continue the sentence as you see fit. For many, a single sentence won't contain your thoughts and you'll need a paragraph. I encourage longer writings. Take your time and truly think about your answer.

When you've exhausted your thoughts on the first four words, move to the second set and do the same. Explore your own feelings about what you wrote in response to the first statement. Continue with the third and the fourth sections in the same manner.

I write because I....

            and that makes me feel....

                         so then I....

                                   which brings me to....

With any luck, by the time you have finished, you will have remembered your joy.

Play safe,

PS. Don't forget the tip!

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