Friday, August 17, 2012

It ain't me!

I have certain alerts set so that any time my name is mentioned, I get an email telling me someone's mentioned me.  It works great and I've found several review sites, especially, because of it. I've also found pirates!

But this week I've gotten several alerts about a Diana Hunter handing out Trojan vibrators in New York City. The picture is of an attractive young woman holding a purple box and the caption says the sales of Trojan vibes is up 14% this year. They're holding 50 Shades of Grey accountable, but I'd like to think maybe I had a hand in that as well (pun intended).

Anyway, the Diana Hunter pictured is not me. Yes, I'd be happy to hand out Trojan vibrators in Times Square, but alas, they did not ask. You can see pictures of this event here and here.

Go vibes!

And Play Safe! :)

PS. If you buy a Trojan vibe, tell 'em Diana sent you. This Diana, not the one in the picture!

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