Monday, June 08, 2015

On our way - first day out

What better way to start a trip to Europe but with a trip to Niagara Falls? We left the house about 8:45 this morning and drove the Thruway to the Falls. Goat Island and Terrapin Point, to be exact. We’d stopped on the Canadian side on our honeymoon thirty-three years, and eleven months ago to the day. We’re mixing it up a little bit by visiting only the American side this time.

This, actually, is a place we go often. My very first picture, ever was taken at Terrapin point. Well, it was actually of my mom, but I was in her belly! Naturally, when I was expecting my first child, my husband and I made the trek and took a picture of my pregnant self at the same spot where my mother had stood thirty-three years earlier. If my daughter has a child, she's already said she'd keep the tradition going. We only live about two hours away and you only have to pay for parking, so this was always a good day-away trip for our family.

The Top of the Falls restaurant, which is always packed when we visit, was just opening for lunch so we decided to eat there. We try to do something brand new every time we visit, so this was our new thing. We both had a burger, mine had a maple walnut cheddar cheese on it and it was yummy!

We headed around the end of the lake and got to our hotel, the airport Marriot, around 1:45 pm. 
Neither one of us wanted to sit in the room all afternoon, however, so we went to see Home at a mall nearby. The Woodbine Mall is opposite the Woodbine Raceway and is huge. After the movie, we wandered around, stopping at a dollar store for an extension cord so we can charge more than one device at a time at the bed and breakfasts. Steven bought some chocolate for the plane (and for later tonight!). At the food court we decided to get dinner and bring it back to the hotel since we were both getting hungry but didn’t want to eat right then. Went to the Bourbon St. Grill – which was entirely staffed by Chinese!

Now we’re in for the night, Steven watching Canadian TV and me typing up today’s journal. I also made an expenses section in my little black journal (thanks, Kim!) so we’ll know why we don’t have any money left by the time we get home.

Whee! On our way to Europe!

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