Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 8 - Livorno and Florence

If you haven't already read about the happenings on Mt. Vesuvius, I suggest you do so before reading this post. Otherwise, some of what's below won't make much sense.

The dock at Livorno from our stateroom balcony
I reached the acceptance stage this morning. Losing the Ireland part of the trip was the cause of some tears and I realized I was going through the seven stages of grief. I was in denial for most of yesterday, thinking we could still go, just slower. This morning I realized how ridiculous that was. Cried some, but have now let it go. I will go to Ireland, just not now.

Florence for Steven. I can’t go, obviously, but I was insistent on his going to see the Uffizi. An art gallery I would’ve gone through in an hour he now could spend the entire day visiting.

My day was relaxing. The ship held two emergency drills for the crew – one simulating a fire in a cabin on a deck below this one and the other a lifeboat drill where they actually lowered the lifeboats on the starboard side. We’re on portside, so I didn’t get to see it, but it was fun to listen to all the announcements as they went through each part of the drill. Later I asked Maria, our cabin maid, how it went and she said the part she was involved in went very smoothly. Good to know they’re on top of things!

When it was over, I called down for room service for my lunch; he said not all his crew was back from the drill yet, so it might be 25 minutes. It was only 20. When the waiter realized I had a cast on, he asked what happened and was quite sympathetic.

flowers from the crew!
I read a book I’d gotten from the library: Match Me if You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Chick lit. Not my ordinary fare, but hey, it took me away for the day. From my balcony I can see the port of Livorno and some of the old city but not much. I did see a tall ship entering the harbor this afternoon, though. That was very cool.

The same security officer from yesterday came up to take pictures of my shoes (my “slippers” as he keeps calling them – his English isn’t very good). And I had one other visitor: two representatives from Passenger Services stopped by and brought me a bouquet of flowers – three roses with baby’s breath – and a get well wish. I thought that was so sweet!

My candle at the Church of San Croce
Steven got back around 5:30. We both cried over the things he saw: Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, the graves of both Galileo and Michelangelo (He lit a candle for me beside Galileo’s grave and one for his mom at the statue of Mary in the Church of San Croce). He also had three gelatos throughout the day and one very large pizza. I’d asked him to buy some specific items for the kids and he found them along with a Pinocchio ornament for our tree. Turns out Geppetto was from Florence!

He’s gone down now to see the doc and find out if she managed to talk with Dr. Mark. I’ve finally accepted that we’re going home from Barcelona. Ireland will have to wait a little longer.

Play safe - and walk carefully,

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