Sunday, September 07, 2014

TRAINING TWO now available

Three posts in three days? I's not's pouring! :)

TRAINING TWO is set in Jake Kariola's world of BDSM, slave auctions, and sex. Mystic Shade, the author, writes "for the shadier sides of our desires" and this book certainly fits that tagline.

Adam needs a job and Jake Kariola makes him an offer he can't resist. Who wouldn't want all the sex he can get? And really, how hard can the training be? 

Barbara knows what she wants - and knows that Master Jake can give it to her. Problem is, can Jake handle two of them at the same time?

The Jake Kariola series came about several years ago when my thoughts turned wickedly naughty and I wanted to push the boundaries of the erotic romance genre. I'd already written STRESS RELIEF, which had gotten some negative reviews because of how close to the line it came between erotic romance and straight erotica, so I decided to use a different name for the stronger stuff. Mystic Shade was born out of that need to explore the taboo.

Ever since Tony died, Jake’s been running Kariola Enterprises with only one man and a slave. Adam might be the right addition to the group, if he can make it through the rigorous training methods Jake employs. Because what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander...and training slaves isn’t for the faint of heart.

Because of my day job, I stayed quiet about being Diana Hunter and maintained two distinct personas, both online and in life. When Mystic came along, I told only my husband and simply added a link here to her page without making a fuss. Of course, such subterfuges are hard to keep up and Diana became so much a part of me that the "secret" became only a polite pretense. Mystic, however, remained in the background, gaining a stronger audience all by herself.

Barbara is a woman who knows what she wants – and she wants to be a sex slave. Who cares if Master Jake is already training someone? She wants to be trained and she wants to be trained NOW. Spoiled brat? Or untapped Domme? Jake decides its his job to find out.

Now that I'm no longer teaching in a public school, however, all the secrets have dissipated and I'm working on a new website where all my personas can have their own page. Diana's books will be listed besides Mystic's - and even C.F. Duprey's lone book will find a home.

In the meantime, however, you'll need to click here to go to Mystic's site. There, you'll find the purchasing links as they go live. Currently, TRAINING TWO is available at Smashwords (where you can purchase it in any ebook format) and Amazon (Kindle or Kindle app only). Shortly it will also be available at Taboo Reading and A1AdultEbookstore.

Use the "Purchasing Info" link in the upper right hand corner of Mystic's site to find her other books. TRAINING TWO is the fourth Jake Kariola novel, although they don't need to be read in order. UNDER HIS SPELL is set in the same universe with a different training organization and YOURS TO COMMAND is a short story that is a bite of erotica. As you can see, Mystic has been a very busy writer!

You can also read the Prologue at Mystic's site and get a taste of what's inside. :)

Play safe, everyone...and I hope you enjoy Mystic's newest release!

PS. Just in case you weren't sure what this book is's the Wordle for it. Plain enough? :)

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